A guide of LED strip lights 2021

How do you control multiple RGB LED strips with LED controller?

In the past, if you want to control multiple strips at the same time, you need a professional electrical engineer to do it, write a program and then give each strip a same ID, only then, these strips will respond to the same command. The whole process sounds very complicated and requires a professional to complete.

With the development of technology, some smart Bluetooth Mesh LED controllers on the market can achieve this function very simply. It is completely free from the traditional complicated process and does not require an engineer to complete it. The intelligent networked Bluetooth Mesh LED controllers have a built-in ultra-low-power Bluetooth chip, RF using 2.4GHz ISM 0+ as the core of the 32-bit microcontroller, the maximum operating frequency can reach 24MHz. With low voltage, low power consumption, low standby current, fast wake-up, etc.

When each strip light is connected to a Bluetooth Mesh LED controller, and all are the same brand of Bluetooth Mesh LED controllers, you can control up to 64 strips of lights simultaneously through the smartphone app. You can synchronize the color temperature, brightness, color…
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Why can the LED controller make the light strip change color with music?

The secret lies mainly in the LED controller built-in microphone and music processing chip, you can analyze and process the rhythm of the currently playing music, and then through different color combinations and flashing to match the rhythm of the current music, this function in the party, the dance is a lighting tool, the light band completely drives the atmosphere.
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How does an LED strip light work with music?

LED strip light can change color is the most basic function, but if the LED strip light can change color and change color with the rhythm of music, it is necessary decorative lights.

LED strip connected to the LED controller, then connected to a smartphone, through the LED controller to switch between 16 million different colors through the cell phone APP settings to control the lights’ color to create a different atmosphere.

What’s the difference between 12V and 24V LED strip lights?

  1. The power of LED strip lights is different. The power of 12V strip lights is smaller and used on a small range of occasions. The power of 24V strip lights is larger and used in a large range of spaces.
  1. The heat dissipation requirements are different. The power of 12V strip lights is small. The heat dissipation requirements are very low. 24V strip light because its power is larger, the heat dissipation requirements are higher.  
  1. The application distance is different. 12V strips are suitable for short-distance application, but the brightness will be dimmed in long distances. 24 V strips will not be dimmed in long-distance application.

Can I use a 24V power supply to power 12V LED strips?

The answer is no, 12V strip lights must use a 12V power supply, otherwise, the strip will burn out quickly? 

How do I control my LED strip lights with my phone?

If you want to control your strip lights with your phone, then your strip lights need to be connected to a smart LED controller, which is a small white box with a built-in WIFI chip that not only connects to your phone but also allows you to use the RF remote control. These mini LED controllers are easy to install and perfect for home use. For details on how to connect, check out this blog post: How to connect LED strip lights to LED Controller?

How do LED strips to control brightness?

The strip needs to be driven by the proper power supply. If you use a low power supply, the strip’s brightness will be too dim; if you use a high power supply, the strip’s brightness will be too bright, which will affect the life of the strip and cause a short circuit. If you want to use a different power supply to control the strip’s brightness is not possible.

The best solution is to use a dimmer or LED controller. Many smart LED controllers with adjustable brightness functions use the APP on the phone by dragging the brightness bar, directly adjust the brightness you want.

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