Best Low Voltage LED Strip lights for Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever thought of adding more color and brightness to your home’s kitchen? LED Light strips are the perfect choice to provide the perfect kitchen ambience and decorate your kitchen walls.

LED Light strips installed in the kitchen

Installing Evledev LED light strips under the kitchen cabinets will change the way you cook in your kitchen. The bright, energy-efficient strips will not only illuminate your kitchen cabinets and countertops but will also make the cooking process more enjoyable.

Evledev smart LED strip light can be cut to size for use and are powered by a low-voltage transformer, making them plug-and-play and easy to install.

Evledev kitchen cabinet light strips come with a 28-key remote control and a smart LED strip controller that connects the accessories and easily turns ordinary light strips into Evledev smart light strips. Perfect for kitchens, cabinets, shelves, bars, showcases, etc. Super bright LED provides a sufficient light source and up to 20,000 hours of service life.

Evledev LED strip light is a new type of light, combined with the flexibility and cutability of the strip, powerful, extensive lighting area, connected to Alexa or google home, and you can achieve the intelligent function of voice control.

Best led strip lights

Evledev Low Voltage Led Strip Lights

Evledev’s low voltage strip lights with smart LED controller allow you to use 16 million colors to illuminate darker spaces. Perfect for balconies, cabinets and more. Use it as a decorative light at a party, when relaxing, reading, or to bring the same lighting effect as a light bulb.

Evledev Led Strip Lights makes it easy to transform any room into a nightclub, connect it to your phone via the free App, and you’re ready to go! It will sync perfectly with the music, so you can dance in the dark or set the day/night settings for when you want it to light up, like daytime.

Turn any room into a stylish space with Evledev light strips in your choice of colors. The built-in microphone and sound-activated technology ensure your lights reflect the party’s mood or complement your favourite music.

This low-voltage LED strip includes everything you need for a professional installation, including a microphone and sound-activated technology. It’s perfect for lighting under cabinets or in display cases. It’s also great for decorating a child’s bedroom or adding some ambience to a patio.

The Evledev strip lights features a double-layer PCB board that is the basis for all other PCB lights, providing you with the best option for your low-voltage lighting needs. The strips come with a 3M strip backing for easy attachment and installation on any surface. The powerful design, completely safe voltage and low heat will give you the best return on investment ever!

Evledev LED strip Ligths Features

  • Safe and easy: peel and stick the adhesive tape, connect to a power source.
  • Safe and reliable: low power consumption and no heat generation.
  • Multi-color selection: up to 16 million colors to choose from.
  • 3 control methods: via a smartphone app, remote control and smart speaker (such as Alexa, Google Assistant).
  • Brightness: SMD5050, high brightness LED.
  • .Music synchronization: Experience the light show and dance to the beat of the music, never seen before in this price range.
  • Flexible and durable: can be cut to length and secured to curved and uneven surfaces with the included double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Versatile: Can be used for holiday decorations, dressing up your home, displaying ideas and more.

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