6 creative things you can do with a smart plug

Smart plugs are smarter than the regular plugs in your home

Have you ever thought that your home coffee maker, lamp, fan, etc. could think? And you don’t have to run upstairs and downstairs to turn off your home appliances every day.

There is a simple way to achieve it! This is the smart plug.
smart plug

Smart plugs are the first step to achieve smart at home, they will make you feel the power of technology, the power of “magic”. After using the smart plug you can no longer leave it.

What is the smart plug, what kind of magic to make the ordinary plug smart? What makes the plug smart?

The smart plug is the same as an ordinary plug from the outside, they are the medium to connect power and appliances. The smart plug is considered “smart” because they have an embedded WIFI module that connects to your home WIFI network and can be controlled by an APP in your smartphone. You can control your appliances from your phone’s APP, whether you are at home or anywhere outside.

A good smart plug App (such as Magic Home Pro) allows you to set on and off times for your appliances, and the user experience feels good. To learn more about what is a smart plug, check out this article.

Some smart plug on the market use a smart bridge as a central control center, and through Wi-FI to send information to APP. This requires an additional smart bridge to be used, it is not advantageous both a cost and use.

The smart plug we are introducing today is a Wi-Fi smart plug, which does not require a smart bridge and can be plugged in directly, making it simple and convenient.

Here are 6 creative things you can do with a smart plug in your life.

1.Have you ever wanted to turn your home into a haunted house?
Everyone has a hidden heart to play tricks on others, especially on Halloween. Imagine creepily decorating your home to scare your friends/housemates. Come on, let’s imagine.

one night, your friend opens the door, the house is dark, then spooky sounds come from the fireplace, the living room lights turn on suddenly, turn off after ten seconds. the fan inexplicably spinning. at the same time, the TV turned on suddenly, rustling at maximum volume … your friends at this time still stay in your home, then they are great!

2.Make your Christmas lights smarter
For the Christmas lights which are decorated outside, they usually come on between 7 pm and 10 pm, we’re lying under the warm blanket after 11 pm. The last thing you need to do is go outside and turn all Christmas lights off. And you have to remember to turn them on every day. I’m sure no one will be happy to do it. How to solve this problem? It is a smart plug. Plug all the Christmas light strings into one power board, and connect them to the power supply via the smart plug.  Set it to switch on and off every day, and turn it off as if you had someone to serve you.

3.By using the smart plug, you can keep track of the energy consumption of your appliances
With so many appliances in your home, have you ever wondered which one is the most energy-consuming? There are some smart plugs on the market that can record the power consumption of appliances. This allows you to change the appliance or reduce the bill without any doubt.

4.Reduce your bill
Most of our appliances have a standby function, and most of us leave them on standby, but you may not know that these standby appliances can account for up to 10% of your bill. Furthermore, the CO2 emissions of these appliances are left on standby for long periods are 1%.

When you connect your appliances to the Wi-Fi smart plug, you can turn them off with one click through the app, It does not only save electricity but also contribute to the environment.

5.Enjoy the perfect temperature brought by smart devices
In the hot summer, you will feel cool when back at your home. In the winter, the heating automatically turns on 15 minutes before you get up, meanwhile, the coffee maker also turns up, you not only feel the heating but also enjoy a cup of pre-made coffee, What a life so beautiful!

6.Light up a light at home to create the illusion that someone is home when on vacation
When your family is away on vacation, setting up a smart plug with a lamp near a window. setting the timer function so that the light comes on at night and turns off during the day, creating the illusion that someone is home and warn intruders. You can enjoy your vacation because the smart plug is guarding your home.
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Smart plugs not only bring you a smart life but also save energy and money. No more worrying about which switches are left on and which ones to remember to turn on… let the smart plug by your brain.

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