How to choose smart strip lights

A large number of strip lights in the market, but it is difficult for users to find a suitable strip light, the knowledge of the quality of the strip is almost zero. Selecting a strip light first of all to determine the use of the scene, the use of different scenarios, the choice of strip light, and configuration is also different. For example, indoor or outdoor use, home or commercial use, connect LED light controller or Bluetooth LED Controller, etc. This article will introduce in detail the structure of the strip lights, performance.
smart strip lights

The scene of the use of the strip light

For home use, recommend using smart strip light, with the user recognition of smart products, smart strip light is becoming more and more popular. Smart strip lights will bring the following LED light controller, as long as the led strip controller can be connected to the strip lights into smart, Support both wifi control of iOS products (such as for iPod, for iPad, for iPhone, for iMac), and for Android mobile devices such as for Samsung, for HTC, for Nokia, etc. 16 million colors, 20 dynamic modes, music, and picture color recognize. The earliest to start doing intelligent light band is Philips.
wifi rgb controller

When used in the home, you can put the smart strip lights behind the TV or computer, the smart strip lights will change with the sound effects of the movie, such as being in the cinema, instantly into the movie plot. (The light generated by the strip is mainly dependent on the red, blue, and green colors on the LED, completely do not feel the heat).  

For Commercial places use, such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. can use high-voltage strip lights or Bluetooth strip lights. High-voltage strips are more suitable for outdoor scenes, such as neon signs on buildings and billboards; for commercial indoor places, you can choose Bluetooth strip lights. Bluetooth strip lights can be controlled by a smartphone with up to 64 Bluetooth LED controllers, i.e. 64 strips, the range of use is much larger than that of Wifi LED strips lights, especially suitable for restaurants, large shopping malls, etc.

110V strip lights and 12-24V strip lights

From the power supply mode, there are two categories of strips of lights

One type is the AC input is directly 110V power supply. This type of high-voltage product is usually used outdoors because it is a high-voltage power supply, so there is no limit to the length. Can be equipped with a controller

Another category is DC input, it is AC to DC power supply 12V-24V, DC power is relatively safe and reliable AC power, simple installation, usually with an adapter, compared to the first type of length will be limited. This type of strip light is more than enough for home use. 

FPC flexible circuit

The flexible circuit board, which is the root of the strip lights, there is no flexible circuit, and the strip lights are not flexible, FPC determines the consistency of the head end and the back end of the LEDs.
IP20 LED strip lights

PU glue of strip lights

PU glue that is outside the transparent layer wrapped around the LED, glue commonly used in four categories: 

  1. epoxy resin glue, which will not take long to yellow, is No longer common on the market
  2. silicone. It is easily snapped off.
    PU strip light
  1. Ordinary PU glue, more commonly used is mercury, folding 6-7 times on the break.
    Pu glue strip light
  2. Mercury-free PU glue, anti-aging, and bending resistance, the key is environmentally friendly.
  3. There is difference between the dripping process, manual drip and dust-free automatic drip glue difference is still quite large.

The LED controller

The popular controller on the market can be divided into IR controllers, RF controllers, WiFi LED controllers, and Bluetooth lights controllers. IR / RF controller using a more limited environment, a single function.
bluetooth led controller

LED light controller is the core component to achieve intelligence, as long as the use of WiFi environment can be controlled by smartphones or voice devices to send commands to control the strip lights, breaking the stereotypical pattern of the traditional strip light, a variety of functions, such as timing functions, DIY color, lighting changes with the music.

Bluetooth LED controller uses Bluetooth technology to achieve intelligent control without the need for a WiFi signal. If you want to know more about Bluetooth technology, please read this article 

In addition to hardware, the following points need to be noted when selecting a strip lights

When choosing a strip light, pay attention to the uniformity of luminescence and the brightness of the LED to be consistent with each other.
warm white stirp light

The brightness of the head and tail of the strip lights should be consistent, which is related to the voltage drop of the LED strip lights, The LED stirp lights were operated by the adapter. when the voltage drop of the adapter is relatively large, the length of the LED strip connected to the head and tail will appear the brightness will be the inconsistent phenomenon. 
tape light

The light color should be consistent, which is one of the criteria for the quality of the LED are qualified. Look directly at the strip lights, or put the led strip lights on a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED strip lights surface, you can judge whether the strip light color is consistent. 
led strip light

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