What is RGB LED controller?

The RGB LED controller adjusts the intensity of the three basic colors – red, green, and blue – and mixes them to produce any specific color. With remote control, the RGB LED controller can also manage color change patterns such as strobe, fade, and flash, as well as color change sequence and speed. Some models can also be programmed to store and retrieve color change patterns and scenes. Some RGB LED controllers on the market are equipped with WIFI modules and can be controlled by a mobile APP. This is the most popular RGB LED Wi-Fi controller with the best development prospect.
RGB Color

Smart LED strips Wi-Fi controllers are installed between the power supply and the LED strip. Additional features vary by LED strip light controller. All LED RGB controllers to provide color and brightness adjustment for RGB strip lights. Don’t use a Wi-Fi remote controller and other dimmers in the same strip lights.

How does an RGB LED controller work?

The principle of LED RGB Strip Wi-Fi Controllers is much simpler. They vary the power of each of the three channels (red, green, and blue) to create a specific color mix. For example, to generate purple, the red and blue channels would be wound, while the green channel would be completely off. A mixing blue and red light will give you the desired violet color. It is not as precise as DMX but is sufficient for most residential and commercial applications where cost is an important factor.

Multi-color LED strip lights require an RGB LED controller to mix red, green, and blue (and sometimes white) colors into custom colors. The LED strip Wi-Fi controller operates on a 12-volt DC power supply and is connected between the power supply (constant voltage) and the multi-color lighting. Each model is easy to install, easy to operate, and fun to use.
Mini RGB LED Controller

The role of an RGB LED controller

Buying light strips to decorate your home is an important step, but to get the most out of your light strip setup, then a good Wi-Fi RGB LED controller is important. Changing the color of RGB LED lights has never been easier! Even if you are only using drivers to power the lights, the Magic Home LED controller must be able to take full advantage of the lighting setup’s potential.

With a magic home LED Wi-Fi controller, you are the artist and the controller is your palette, so go crazy and illuminate the place. Create an atmosphere that will have a lasting impact on those who see it and make them eager to return for more. And when they do, they can use RGB techniques to transform the entire setup into something completely new. Your imagination is the only limit. If you are creating an installation that uses more than 16 feet of RGB strips, be sure to use an RGB signal amplifier to amplify the color control signal for each 16-foot section. LED drivers are a necessary component to make any LED setup work, and it’s important to make sure you are using the right driver for your setup. It is important to calculate the total wattage of your setup, and then select a controller with the proper rating.In order to calculate the wattage, simply calculate the total wattage of each piece in the display and add them together. 

WiFi Wireless RGB Controller

This is a WiFi RGB 3-channel dimmer that will change the color of your lights and control your lights through a phone app. You can also purchase an option with an additional IR remote controller, 2.4G remote controller, or RF remote controller. The basic model does not have a remote control, all control comes from your phone.

Don’t be tied to a remote control that only works in close proximity to your LED strip. Control anywhere, anytime when this RGB Wi-Fi smartphone app controller offers Wi-Fi or cell towers. Download Magic Home Pro App to your smartphone or tablet and enjoy all the effects of an IR, 2.4G, or RF remote available virtually anywhere.

Use Alexa or the Google Home app for voice control without having to lift a finger. Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights after leaving your room or going to bed? Whether your LED strip is indoors or out, just tell your smart speaker to turn it off without having to control or wake up your smartphone.

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