Customize your own strip light

A good quality strip light will usually last a long time, roughly 50,000 hours, but will be slightly more expensive. This is value for money in terms of time spent.

Because of the long life of the strip light, it would be monotonous if it had a single function. People then wonder if they can bring more variation to the light strips to make a difference in their homes. If you want to inject new functions into the light strip, you need an LED strip controller.

A small WiFi LED lights controller is a new chance for the decorative light industry

WiFi LED lights controller is a new chance for the decorative light industry, the decorative light industry plays a vital role in intelligence. WiFi LED light controller built-in WIFI module and Bluetooth module, the LED light strip connected to it can be controlled by smart phones, smart speakers, and expand a lot of functions to meet the needs of different users.

rgb led light controller

For the smart home, the LED controller is a perfect entry-level product that is easy to operate and does not require programming or professional engineers to handle.

. Support Amazon and Google Home, you can control the strip light by giving commands through your voice.

. Create groups in different areas and control all the light strips in your group with one click in the App, which is energy efficient.

. Set the time for the strip lights in the app, such as the time to turn on the lights, turn off the lights, set any time you want, and even replace the alarm clock, entirely under your control.

Smart LED strip lights is a great product

Smart LED strip lights is a great product. You will never regret buying it.

Lighting up your home with various colors doesn’t cost that much anymore.

Now you can say goodbye to the old and traditional big LED controllers.

You will find this LED controller is mini and very small and can be easily hidden away.

There are several ways to control the light strips to choose from, control with the included RF remote, voice control, and App control via your smart phone. The incredible thing is that even if you are on the other side of the world, you can still control your lights strip from your smart phone.

Customize your own strip light

Nowadays, it’s all about individuality and customization. From clothes and shoes to home furnishings, all offer customization services.

Can you customize your light strips?


Not all light strips can do this. The light strip must be an addressable LED strip and connected to a pixel LED controller.

There are hundreds of patterns to choose from inside the LED controller, and you can also design your own LED strip through the App, such as jumping design, a strip of different colors at the same time, etc.

Addressable LED strip can also be called pixel LED strip, LED beads embedded inside the control IC, to achieve a single bead programmable, independent addressable control and other features.

light strip

An Addressable LED strip is more than an ordinary color-changing strip with an integrated ic chip. The light strip shows a rainbow-like effect- dancing, waving, jumping, and twinkling. The light strip shows a rainbow-like effect- dancing, waving, jumping, twinkling, flashing, etc. Over 16 million colors change, Bringing you a more dazzling and shocking effect than the traditional LED Strip Lights. and embedded in the controller’s integrated circuit board. We need to power up the strip, plug it into the controller, and we’re ready to go.

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