2021 How a LED Controller Make Your House a Smart Home

In the past few years, 4K TVs have been very popular among consumers. There has been a controversy in the market about the “real” 4K TV, the reason for this controversy starts from the rivalry between the two-panel camps, RGB panel and RGBW panel.

RGB represents Red, Green, and Blue

a pixel in an RGB panel contains three sub-pixels: Red, Green, and Blue, each with the three primary colors of RGB, so there is no loss of color reproduction. The number of R, G, and B sub-pixels in each horizontal direction is 3840, and the total number of sub-pixels in a single horizontal direction is
3840 pixels x 3 sub-pixels = 11,520 sub-pixels

RGBW represents Red, Green, Blue, and White colors

The RGBW panel is the addition of white sub-pixels to the original RGB triplet arrangement. Unlike the sub-pixel combinations formed by the RGB panel, each of the 4 pixels has 3 red, green, blue, and white sub-pixels, and if the number of sub-pixels of each color is calculated in a single horizontal direction, the calculation is as follows
3840 pixels x 3/4 = 2880 sub-pixels
After adding the subpixels of the four colors, the total number of subpixels in a single horizontal direction is still 11,520 sub-pixels


The number of RGB sub-pixels is reduced by 25% because of the addition of W sub-pixels, and the color performance will be less effective as a result. In addition, the vertical direction also makes the image lines thicker due to this arrangement. When there are complex textured areas in the image, such as trees, flowers, or hair, the sharpness performance will not be as good as that of a panel with a pure RGB structure.

Since RGBW panels have a quarter of the sub-pixels in white (W) and RGB panels do not have white sub-pixels mixed in, the RGB panel companies has labeled “fake 4K” on RGBW panels, while at the same time labeling its own panels as “true 4K”. RGB panels are labeled as “true 4K”.

RGBW panels are exaggeratedly and strongly labeled as “fake 4K” as a commercial propaganda tactic, but in fact, RGB and RGBW have their own advantages and disadvantages. Because white sub-pixels can only emit white light, RGBW’s overall color performance is not as good as RGB, but because RGBW has the relationship of W, RGBW’s light transmission is better, and the backlight module design does not need to be reinforced too much because of the improved light output efficiency, so it is brighter and more energy-efficient.

4K TVs have RGB and RGBW, in fact, LED Controller, whether WiFi LED controller or Bluetooth LED Controller, also have RGB,RGBW and RGBWW. And RGB LED Controller and RGBW LED Controller must match RGB and RGBW strips, which means LED Mini RGB LED Controller can only match RGB strips and cannot be connected to RGBW strips.

Each LED on the RGB strip is composed of three chips: red, green, and blue. They can emit three monochromatic lights, such as red, green, and blue, individually, or all three chips can emit light together. If connected to RF controller or IR controller, the function is relatively single, can only convert several colors, adjust the brightness, or flash only. Actually, these functions can no longer meet the requirements of people, in order to make the traditional light strip become intelligent, we have introduced a new design of LED Dimmer WIFI Controller 

WiFi LED controller

LED Tape Light RGB Controller is through the embedded Wi-Fi module to achieve the LED strip current control, brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, and lighting dynamic changes, timing, music control, and other functions. These have broken through the stereotypical understanding of traditional light strips, and are no longer limited to RGB or RGBW color conversion, giving a different intelligence to light strips and adding a different color to people’s lives.
12V RGB LED Controller

The advantages of LED Controller

  • By connecting to the smart led controller, the strip can switch between 16 million different colors and choose the color you want according to your mood and environment.
  •  The RGB LED WiFi Controller connected to the smart strip, flexible ribbon structure design can be placed in many corners of the home, easy to install. Download the special APP to realize a variety of preset scenes to switch at will, DIY colorful home atmosphere. The light and your favorite music together, feel the rhythm of the flow of light.
  • Smart light with light brightness adjustment function: whether you are in a meeting, watching TV, listening to music, or with your family, or alone thinking, or even when tasting whiskey, adjust the brightness of different lights, more for you to create a comfortable, quiet, harmonious, warm atmosphere, deeper experience of life, soft light can give you a good mood, less and dark light to help you think, more and brighter light to make the atmosphere hotter. And these operations only need to be operated by smartphone.
  • LED smart strip light is controlled by 12V LED Light Controller, providing high efficiency and high-quality light, which can effectively switch the tone of home lighting, from fresh blue light to warm yellow light, creating a different atmosphere for a home environment.
  • WIFI Smart RGB LED Controller with a built-in microphone and music processing chip, can analyze and process the rhythm of the currently playing music, and then the light strip through different color combinations and flashing to match the rhythm of the current music. This function is very practical for parties, celebrations and dances.

With the development of technology, the lights strip connected to Dimmer WiFi Mini LED Controller is given more functions and values to make our life more convenient,and smart.