How does Bluetooth mesh networking connect smart device?

What is Bluetooth Mesh Technology?

Bluetooth Mesh networks use controlled managed flooding for information transmission, a simple and reliable form of information relay, especially for BLE Mesh networks.

Bluetooth Mesh uses low energy Bluetooth broadcast method to send and receive information, forwarding information from a node in the network to the destination node; in the Bluetooth mesh network, this broadcast mode is also called network flooding.

With network flooding, there is no need to create and manage complex routing tables, route discovery tables, etc., through controlled flooding message delivery, saving the overhead of maintaining memory space for network operation. Meanwhile, the nature of network flooding message propagation is multi-path. Therefore, it ensures to deliver the information to the destination node through multiple paths, so the failure of any single point in the network will not be fatal to the network transmission, which makes the network highly reliable.

Bluetooth mesh networking

The role of Bluetooth Mesh in smart home

Bluetooth Mesh allows us to establish many-to-many (m:m) relationships between wireless devices. In addition, devices can relay data to other devices that are not in the direct RF range of the originating device. In this way, it can span large physical areas and contain a large number of devices.

Bluetooth Mesh is particularly useful for smart home technology, which allows two smart home devices far apart to relay information to each other. For example, when you get home from work, the garage door opener can send a message to turn on the lights in the upstairs bedroom, and that message can jump between smart bulbs to reach the one farthest away.

Mesh networks are also important because the power consumption of many smart home devices is very low. Mesh devices only need to transmit low power signals on the line; the signal can be passed between devices and repeat.

smart home

Bluetooth Mesh light solution

Bluetooth Mesh extends low-power Bluetooth wireless connectivity to consumer products, smart homes, and multi-node applications in industrial applications. In addition, the advantage of Bluetooth Mesh technology is open, low cost, high performance and other characteristics, and it supports most of the Bluetooth devices on the market.

The Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 module is embedded into the control circuit of LED lights regarding the Bluetooth mesh lights. You can control any LED light or a group of LED lights in the mesh network by connecting the Bluetooth module inside any LED light in the Bluetooth mesh network through a Bluetooth smartphone. The Bluetooth mesh light control solution establishes a many-to-many (N:N) relationship between wireless Bluetooth devices.

Take Bluetooth Mesh light bulb as an example; by embedding Bluetooth module in Bluetooth Mesh light bulb, It can turn an ordinary light bulb into a smart Bluetooth Mesh light bulbs. Through the LED light APP control operation, two-way signal transmission, many-to-many control, group control, each group can control 64 Bluetooth Mesh light bulbs synchronously, unlimited creation of regional groups. Moreover, with the smart bridge, The Alexa can be voice control for Bluetooth Mesh light bulbs.

Bluetooth Mesh light bulb

In addition to light bulbs, LED strip light controllers, LED floodlights, etc., in the smart home field is also the application of BT Mesh technology. Bluetooth networking powerful mesh transmission characteristics.

Through the smartphone, you can quickly and efficiently controlling every corner of the home controller and controlling each group’s device. There are many functions for option, such as,
16 million color adjustment, DIY color; built-in 20 kinds of dynamic lighting mode and so on.

The role of Bluetooth technology in the Internet of things

Bluetooth technology will become a basic technology of IoT, more and more developers will choose Bluetooth to form their IoT solutions, Bluetooth IoT will be ubiquitous. The reason for this is that Bluetooth 5 solves the need for one-to-one and one-to-many wireless communication. Take the smart home as an example; when the home access to the number of smart hardware devices more and more after the technical advantages of Bluetooth Mesh and user experience will be more obvious.

The future of Bluetooth Mesh Networking

Bluetooth Mesh networking will be widely used in different industry sectors. Examples include building automation, commercial lighting and sensor networks. Commercial lighting is a particularly exciting application for Bluetooth Mesh networks.

With the continuation and upgrade of Bluetooth technology, the future will bring a radical change to our smart life.

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