How smart products bring convenience to our lives?

Every time you go out, you are in such a hurry; after sending the kids to school, you hurry to go to work. It is always like a “war” before leaving home as long as it is a working day. Only when I get over the breath, I remember:
. Did you turn off the lights in the bathroom?
. Did you close the door?
. Did you turn off the air conditioner?

These questions always make people distracted all day long, unable to concentrate on work. The pressure of work has already made people tired, and coupled with the family’s locking troubles, modern people’s life has become more stressful.

We will introduce smart home products suitable for use after leaving home. These products guard your home so that even if you are not at home, you can go to work with peace of mind or reduce your stress, thereby improving the efficiency of work; will not forget to turn off the lights or turn off the air conditioner to run home a trip.

1. Smart light bulb: remote switch on the smartphone, energy saving
2. Smart socket: through the smartphone, you can remotely control it
3. Sweeping robot: set the specified time; the sweeping robot automatically starts sweeping mode when you go to work
5. Pet automatic feeder: no one at home, the pet will not be hungry
6. electronic lock, electronic door lock: in also do not have to worry about whether there is a locked door

Smart light bulb

“Ah, just went out when the room light was left on.”
“In a week abroad, or put the lights on, so that others think we are at home it”

Are these situations familiar?
Smart light bulbs can solve these problems for you, now the smart light bulbs are LED, not only energy saving, through the smartphone to control the color temperature change. Now the smart light bulbs and the timing function and combined with different user needs to launch different user scenarios.
best smart bulb

. On your way to work, you remember that the lights at home are still on. The installation of smart light bulbs will not have to worry, through the smartphone APP, remote home lights off.

remotely control bulb

. Many children are afraid to sleep in the dark, and then you need a smart light bulb; the light bulb’s brightness according to your desired brightness from 1% – 100% to adjust.

dimmer bulb

. To create a lively atmosphere, home party, smart light bulbs 16 million colors for you to choose at will, no longer limited to red, orange, yellow, green. Its camera color function, more to create your color.

adjust brightness

. In a week abroad, no longer to worry about a burglar will sneak into the house because there are smart light bulbs to guard your home. Whenever you are abroad at night, you can turn on the lights at home through your smartphone to make others think there is someone at home; you can turn off the lights to save electricity during the day.

Smart Socket

Smart sockets are mainly positioned to control home appliances and the switch on/off, timing and delay functions of desk lamps. Therefore, smart sockets are divided into on-site control and remote control, allowing you to check and control home appliances at any time even though you are away from home. Commercial spaces and office buildings can also use smart plugs to achieve energy-saving benefits!

Sweeping robot

Sweeping robots have become a must-have cleaning appliance in most homes; with the advantage of not having to do it yourself, you can vacuum the dust on the floor of your home. The best time for a sweeping robot is when no one is at home. Please remember to set the APP of the sweeper to come out every day or remotely control it when you are out, and you can also monitor which areas the sweeper has vacuumed today.

Sweeping robot

Automatic Pet Feeder

Some automatic pet feeders also have built-in smart cameras and walkie-talkies, which can become your clairvoyant and megaphone so that you can interact with your pet at work all the time.

Automatic Pet Feeder

Electronic locks

Electronic locks, also known as electronic locks and smart locks, and the first line of defense in your home, allowing you to check the locking status of the door, record and report the time of entry and exit, and report if the door is not opened correctly. In addition to the anti-theft function, the electronic lock can also be unlocked remotely through the cell phone, so if there are distant relatives to visit, you can help them open the door first through this function.

When you leave the house and forget to lock the door or forget whether to lock the door can be directly confirmed or locked through the cell phone, with the electronic lock will not have to shut the door and run back and forth ~ is not included in the most need to have the first smart home products?

Many electronic locks are duplex and have the function of password unlocking, fingerprint recognition, and some can be unlocked automatically when the phone is near the lock. Many people install electronic locks because of this convenient function so that they don’t need to bring keys when they leave home, which is very suitable for people who often forget to get keys and are locked out of their homes.

With the continuous development of technology, intelligent products have penetrated into people’s daily life, making life more convenient and efficient.

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