How to choose 12V or 110V LED Strips Lights

The LED strip light is a very widely used lighting product, it was not only used for home, cinema, shopping malls, restaurants, but also can be used for outdoor large-scale lighting projects, such as parks, buildings, etc., to add more color to our life.

led strip lights

LED strips lights is generally divided into two voltage categories – high voltage (110V/220V AC) and low voltage (5V/ 12V/ 24V ).

12V LED strip lights
When using 12V LED strip lights, in addition to matching the corresponding adaptor, to highlight the color effect of the strip lights, needs to be connected to the light controller.

Nowadays, people’s requirements for LED strip lights are not only to the choice of color, but also the function of smart. To meet people’s needs, the market introduces a smart lights controller, simple and convenient to use, directly connect the led strip light controller to the LED strip lights, you can remote control through the led controller app. The function including voice control, 16 million colors for options, time setting, and so on.

The LED strip controller is divided into a WiFi controller and Bluetooth LED controller, to meet the different people and occasions to bring innovation for LED lights.

No matter the LED strip lights connect to a LED strip controller or
an infrared controller, the input voltage should be 5 – 28 V DC, not 220V AC. In general, the light controller is only suitable for use with low voltage LED strips. 12 V / 24 V LED strip lights to require a constant voltage power adaptor, which is a safe voltage and can be used on various occasions, and without danger to people.

110V LED Strip lights
High voltage LED strip lights are mainly divided into 110 V and 220V according to the voltage of each country. The frequency of AC power is usually 50Hz, but the US uses 110 V 60Hz AC power. You should purchase 110 V 60Hz LED strip lights if use in the United States. The installation of 110V LED strips must be installed by a person with a local electrician’s certificate.

The lifespan of 12V LED strip lights is 30,000-50,000 hours. 110V LED strip is 10,000 hours. Due to 110V strip lights is high voltage, in the unit length of heat generation than 12V LED strip much more, directly affect the lifespan of 110V LED strip lights

There are different lengths of the 110V strip lights and 12V strip lights. 110V LED strip lights can be 50-100 meters/volume;12V strip up to 5-10 meters/volume.

The above is the difference between 110V strip lights and 12V strip lights. There are advantages and disadvantages. I hope it will be of use to you.