How to choose the LED controller 2021

According to network and communication protocols, The LED Controller was divided into WiFi Controller, Bluetooth Controller, and Zigbee Controller. The most popular are WiFi LED Controller and Bluetooth LED Controller. In this article, We share which LED Controller is best for you.
led ribbon lights controller

The purpose of the use 

You have to ascertain where to use and the size of the place you want to cover before choosing the RGB LED Strip Controller. If you just use it for small places, like a bedroom or a kitchen, the LED strip WiFi controller is the best choice, no hub requested. It is easy and you can use it immediately.  

LED light strip WiFi controller is easy to installing and using, please refer to this article, it will let you know how to connect the light controller to your smartphone.

If the place you want to use the RGB LED Strip Controller in a large project, like a hotel, restaurant, office, or big room, then choose Bluetooth Mesh LED Controllers

Bluetooth LED Controller is based on Bluetooth technology, each control area supports up to 64 controllers, you can easily switch the control area through the smartphone, so it can support unlimited LED Controllers. 


The type of LED Controller you choose also depends on your budget. Bluetooth Controllers are cheaper than WiFi Controllers. Single color WiFi Controllers are more cost-effective than Multicolor WiFi Controllers, like RGB controller, RGBW controller, and RGBWW controller.  

The Bluetooth LED Controller, connect with a smart bridge can achieve remote and voice control.

The Single color & Multicolor LED Strip Controller

There are two main categories of LED strip controllers: Single color & Multi-Color. Please note that Single color LED Strip lights only match single color LED strip lights controller, Multicolor LED Strip lights only match multi-color LED strip lights controller. For the Multicolor LED strip lights controller, there are RGB /RGBW /RGBWW for options.

.RGB LED Controller

RGB LED Controller is connected to RGB LED strip lights regarding 16 million colors selection, Brightness adjustment, etc. It can be controlled by IR, RF, WiFi, or Bluetooth. WiFi RGB LED controller and Bluetooth LED controller are Increasingly popular for home lighting systems or a related project

.RGBW LED controller

 RGBW LED controller is for RGBW LED strip lights. In addition to the red, green, and blue, it also has a white channel. 

.RGBWW LED Controller

Compared with the RGBW LED controller, the RGBWW controller has one more channel, so it can control the white channels of RGBWW LED strip lights. It can be seen as a combination of an RGBW controller and adjustable white LED controller. 

The function of the LED Controller

There is the same function of WiFi controller and Bluetooth controller. An LED controller connected to the LED strip lights.

. Up to 16 million colors and 20 kinds of dynamic modes for options.

.DIY color selection, DIY dynamic mode, picture color recognition. smartphone APP control, support Android/IOS system.

. Voice control your led light stirp with Alexa or Google Assistant, turn your led light on/off, change brightness and colors simply by voice command.

.Time setting

Three ways to control LED strip lights.
Bluetooth LED controller

24 keys IR remote

It allows you to turn on /off, dim/brighten your LED strip lights with a range of about 5 meters. Simply connect the LED strip lights, and Bluetooth 2.4 required or equivalent.

Voice Control

LED Controller is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Through your voice, you can turn on/off your light strip, adjust light brightness and change colors

Smartphone Control

Control LED controller by Smartphone through “ Magic Home Pro” APP.

Choosing the most effective controller for your project, I hope the article will be useful to you.

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