How to connect the RGB light controller to your smartphone 2021

In this tutorial, You will know how to control your led strip lights from your smartphone using the RGB light controller. You can control your strip lights when you are on the 4G network, which allows you to control it remotely from the dedicated application.

RGB light controller



QR Code

Step 1 Download the app

  1. First of all, you have to download the ” Magic Home Pro ” application from the App Store for IOS and from Google Play for Android or scan the QR code to download it.
     (Note: 2.4GHz WiFi only when connecting your smartphone to a home WiFi network)
  2.  Turn on the LED strip lights which connected RGB light controller




creat cloud account


StepCreation of a Magic Home Pro cloud account

Now that you have downloaded the App, you have to create an account in order to be able to log in later and find your settings.

  1. Open Magic Home App on your smartphone. Click the icon, there is “Sign in or Create account”, please click it to continue. 
  1. Click “Register Account” to set your email/password, then tap “Create an account”.



connect to WiFi network


Step 3 List of connected devices

Now you are connected to the APP, you arrive on the page which displays all the RGB light controller that are associated with your account.To select “connect a device to WiFi network”, click the ” + ” at the top right.

connect device to WiFi network


Step 4 Add a new device

Open the smartphone WiFi interface, select the “LEDnetxxxxx” WiFi signal which comes from RGB light controller. Back to the Magic Home Pro App after connection.


Connect to your home network


Step 5: Connect to your home network

Select the home network in the WiFi list and enter the WiFi password.
(Note: If the password of the WiFi router is incorrect, you have to reset the RGB light controller)


Step 6 Registering your WiFi network
For this step, you must be connected to the WiFi network on your smartphone. Once this is done, register it directly on the application by entering the name of the WiFi network as well as the security key of your internet box.
Then press “Start configuration”.

Step 7 Configure your connected devices
Enter the RGB light controller name and click “complete”. In order to find your way around when you have several connected RGB light controllers, you can rename them.

Step 8 Enable remote function (optional)
In order to achieve remote control, Alexa voice control, Google Home control, Siri shortcut voice control, widgets, and other functions, the remote access function must have been enabled.
Note: Regularly, The remote access function will be automatically enabled after adding the device.

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