How to Control LED Strip Light with Alexa

This article is a guide on how to control LED strips light from your Amazon Echo. You will tell Echo to turn the LED strip light on and off while changing its brightness and the gradient between colors.

To make it possible to put a regular light strip under voice control via Alexa, all you need is a smart LED controller. A mini LED controller can make your ordinary LED strip smart. It’s like a natural partnership; send a simple voice command to the light strip connected to the LED strip controller, you can make the most basic operations in your home fast and convenient.

You can use your voice to turn the light strip on or off, dim it to a certain level, or make it change to your favorite color. Here’s how to control your home’s lights through Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant like a home control center.

How to connect Alexa

  1. First, connect the LED strip controller to the LED strip as shown below, and download the app by scanning the QR code. Then connect your phone to the controller via a WIFI signal.
    Alexa LED strip lights


  2. Download Amazon Alexa APP, look for the “Magic Home” skill.
    alexa setting


  3. Log in to “Magic Home” and say “Alexa, discover devices” through “discover” or to Alexa. “
    alexa seach the ligths
  4. After completing the above steps, you can enjoy the convenience of the light strip with voice control.

Commands supported by Alexa

When using Alexa to control the light strip, you need to be close enough to your Alexa so that it can pick up your voice, and some common commands are as follows.

Alexa, set [light name] to [0-100]%

Alexa, turn [light name] on/off

Alexa, turn on the [light name]

Alexa, increase/decrease [light name]

Alexa, set the [light name] light to green

Alexa, change the [light name] to the color red

Alexa, make the [light name] warm white

Alexa, change the [light name] to the cool white

Alexa set the [light name] to daylight

Benefits of voice control LED stirp lights

  1. The user can fully control the fixture by using the voice within the range of the fixture/controller.
  2. Completely free your hands,Control light effects, create, share, interact with light and music, light enhance health and happiness by voice.


  3.  Voice recognition to switch lights on and off and adjust brightness.
    At night, when you are ready to go to sleep, you no longer need to turn off the bedroom light first, then get under the covers in the dark. You say “turn on the light” to it, and it will follow your intention to light up.

    Similarly, you say “off” and follow your instructions to turn off the lights.

    You can also order it to adjust the light: “brighter” “darker,” and it will be following your orders to perform.

    In addition, you can also ask it the time at any time, “what time is it” or “what time is it”, it will accurately report the time to you.


  4.  Smart strip light effects to create the atmosphere. Different light and dark light create a specific atmosphere, cold light quiet and distant, warm light gentle and comfortable. Free to adjust different brightness according to different life scenarios. No matter what you do, there is a comfortable light. These can be set by voice command to Alexa to set the atmosphere you want.

The principle of voice control the lights

The use of voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence technology, lamps and lanterns, multiparty technology cross-fertilization.

It consists of a voice acquisition module, voice pre-processing module, voice training module, voice recognition module, voice prompt module and output control module.

  1. The voice acquisition module mainly completes the functions of signal conditioning and signal acquisition. It converts the original voice signal into a voice pulse sequence, so the module mainly includes signal processing processes such as acoustic/electrical conversion, signal conditioning, and sampling.


  2. Speech pre-processing module The main function of the speech pre-processing module is to filter out interference signals, extract speech feature vectors and quantize the extracted speech feature vectors into standard speech feature vectors, so this module mainly includes speech signal processing processes such as speech pre-processing, feature extraction and vector quantization.


  3.  Speech training module The main function of the speech training module is to make probability statistics of the standard vector of speech features collected and extracted several times, and extract the best standard vector of speech features of the speaker to prevent the speech recognition effect from being affected by the inaccuracy of the extracted feature parameters caused by the speaker’s mood and environment, etc. Therefore, this module mainly includes the processing processes of probability statistics, parameter evaluation, etc., and is implemented by the Hidden Markov Model ( HMM model).

With the development of technology and improved life quality, we have more choices for better home life. Lighting in our life is not just lighting. More often than not, it creates different scenarios for us, adding more interest and convenience to our life.

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