How to Cut and Connect RGB LED strip lights?

How can I controller several RGB LED strip lights?

One phone can control up to 64 pcs RGB LED strip lights. This is achieved by connecting each RGB LED strip light to a LED mini controller, connecting the phone to the signals from these LED mini controllers, and controlling them simultaneously through the Magic Home Pro app.

Why does my RGB LED strip lights not work after cutting?

cutting led strip lights

What if you want to decorate your kitchen cabinets or bookcases with RGB LED strip lights and find that they are too long?

Don’t worry, the RGB LED strip lights can be cut to the length you need. Most RGB LED strip lights are 16.4FT to 32.8FT in length. If you only need 10FT long RGB LED strip lights for your kitchen cabinets, you need to cut the length you want along the specified line. If you do not cut elsewhere in the strip as instructed, it will cause the entire RGB LED strip lights to stop working, so be sure to pay attention to this.

The RGB LED strip lights comprise several independent circuit groups composed of three or six lamp beads with resistors connected in series; each independent circuit group then forms a parallel circuit. Because it is a parallel circuit, the RGB LED strip lights continue to light up after the line is cut in the specified position. 12V RGB LED strip lights, every 3 beads in a group, there is a “scissors” sign between the group and the group, it means that you can cut on this place.
Flexible LED stirp lights

How do I connect cut RGB LED strip lights?

Usually, the RGB LED strip will have a “scissors” logo. After cutting the location of the cut, you need to find the two broken interfaces, and then use a quick connector, the two broken connectors into the quick connector, it will be fixed. At this time to note that when connecting the RGB LED strip, the connection distance is not too long, otherwise, it is easy to lead to led lights appearing to heat up.

RGB LED strip lights cut need to pay attention to is that the unused led strip to be stored in the temperature range of -60 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ environment; in the RGB LED strip design style storage to try to avoid a humid environment to prevent the oxidation of the plug contact electrode; cut RGB LED strip in the movie should be light, stacked do not stack too high, do not put too heavy items on top to avoid crushing the strip or deformation of the strip

How does a LED mini controller work?

LED mini controller is a critical accessory to connect the RGB LED strip lights and the power supply. 12v RGB controller has a built-in BL_M5 module, which can easily add intelligent control functions after connecting the light strip. For example, remote control, 16 million color combinations, microphone function, compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, and other powerful features. The ROHS LED controller is a core accessory.

The LED light controller is a powerful smart controller developed in response to market and customer needs, following the traditional controller with IR and RF technology. LED mini controller uses WiFi technology, which allows us to control a wider range of LEDs, freeing us from the confines of small spaces.

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