Illuminate Your Home with New Generation Smart WiFi Bulb

The smart WiFi bulb is controllable through the WiFi connected to your home network or can be controlled by Bluetooth. Whether you are a single user or have a family, or have several smartphones at home, the smart WiFi bulb has a function you need. And it is easy to use. Spend less time on smartphone Apps and more time enjoying your friends and family

The smart WiFi bulb enables you to create the perfect lighting for any occasion, whether you want to relax, work or enjoy a romantic dinner. The lights can be individually paired, grouped, and controlled via the app, giving you extensive flexibility. smart WiFi bulbs have a long life and low energy consumption.

A wireless light bulb works with Alexa so that you can control it with the voice. No Hub Required. Support 16 million colors and color temperature adjustment, practicality is greatly improved.

This wireless light bulb is equipped with a voice remote control, which the APP can control. Scan the QR code of the APP in the user manual. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It can quickly realize smart home lighting experience. Group lights can be arbitrarily added or removed. DIY light music.

The wireless light bulb will automatically change colors according to the phone’s sound or the melody of the music. It has strong adaptability to various environments and will respond quickly to any weather changes. Easily installed and maintained, this bulb can provide years of high-quality light and enjoyment.

Smart LED bulb bring convenience to your life and make a home lighting system more than just having lights turned on/off at home. You can control through voice or remote controller even schedule the time for turning on/off. According to the color temperature and brightness, you can create different atmospheres by setting scenes in the APP to match various occasions, including reading, meeting, sleeping, waking up, etc. Moreover, smart LED bulb also benefits from energy saving and long lifespan.

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Why are my smart WiFi bulb blinking?

If the smart LED bulb blinks after being turned on, it means it is in pairing mode and ready for installation. A flash will also be shown when the manual switch of the light bulb is turned on or off. Please connect to WiFi and control the light through App or by Voice.

Do Smart WiFi bulb need a hub?

It depends on what type of smart WiFi bulb you want to use and how you want to control them. Smart LED bulb with a hub need a separate device that acts as the middleman between the app on your phone and the smart bulb.

But most of the smart light bulb no hub requested. It is connected to Wi-FI or Bluetooth directly.

The smart WiFi bulb is the smartest way to illuminate

The WiFi light bulb is the smartest way to illuminate. Just connect the bulb to the internet via Wi-Fi, and it becomes part of your smart home. You can control it from anywhere in the world with your voice and access all features on the internet through your phone. Once you set it up, you’ll never have to mess with switches or dimmer lights again.

Smart LED bulb, more color in your life

From a vibrant look to a romantic dinner, a smart LED bulb can easily bring you a life full of colors. Install the bulb and turn it on. Download the free App to connect your bulb with the internet then you can have more than one million colors.

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