LED strip controller vs. LED strip Dimmer: Which is better?

Strip lights are a very versatile and suitable lighting and decorative fixture for most projects. If you want to adjust the brightness of the strip lights, you need to connect a LED strip controller or a LED strip dimmer. Which one is better? This article will explain in detail.

Most of the LED strip lights are dimmable. We usually buy regular light bulbs, in the manual will list NO dimmable, it means that some LED bulbs are not dimmable.

For LED strip lights, almost all of them are dimmable. Match the appropriate transformer, connect the LED Dimmer or LED Controller, and adjust the strip lights brightness according to your request.

Benefits of dimmable LED strip lights

Exterior natural light in the workplace can reduce the light output by compensating for natural light. Too strong, flickering lighting brought about by light pollution, the human body caused by interference damage, prompting the pupils to contract, increase regulation, very easy to cause eye fatigue and vision loss

LED Strip Dimmer

LED strip dimmer is an electrical device that changes the luminous flux of the light source in the lighting device, adjusting the level of illumination. The LED strip dimmer works by the power supply IC detecting changes in the input voltage and adjusting the duty cycle of its internal PWM signal. The output current changes with the input voltage and the brightness of the LED light changes.

The LED strip light dimmer connected to the strip light is easy to use, with DC jack input and output – no soldering or wiring required.
led strip dimmer

There are three general LED strip dimmer principles, which are as follows.
1. Wave Width Control Dimmer ( Pulse Width Modulation, referred to as PWM )
The power supply square wave digitization and control the square wave’s duty cycle to achieve the purpose of controlling the current.

2. Constant current power supply regulation
Using analog linear technology can easily adjust the size of the current.

3. Grouping regulation Grouping multiple LEDs together, using a simple grouper to regulate

LED Strip Controller

LED strip controller is a smart controller connected to the light strip that can also be dimming. The brightness of the LED strip light can be adjusted by a smartphone, remote control, or smart speaker.

LED strip controller

LED strip controller is a device with a built-in smart module.
The module is divided into WIFI module and Bluetooth module port, according to the different built-in modules are divided into WiFi LED controller and Bluetooth LED controller.

LED strip light controller is divided into single-color controller, RGB LED controller, RGBW LED controller, and RGBWW LED controller to connect different color strips light.

Functions of LED strip controller and LED strip dimmer

LED strip controller and LED strip dimmer are both devices for connecting light strips. Both devices can be used to dimmable the strip.

The LED strip dimmer is a dimmer connected explicitly to the strip light for use with a single function, only the brightness of the strip light can be adjusted to light or dark.

LED strip controller is also a controller for connecting to the light strip. Compared with the LED strip dimmer, the LED strip controller has a dimming function and other functions that make the light strip one step smarter; its functions are as follows.
. Mobile APP control, remote control, select your desired brightness, color, mode, etc.
. Timing function
. Dimming function
. 16 million colors to choose from
. Voice control, free your hands
. The light band can change the color and beating frequency with the rhythm of the music
. Camera color picking function, pick or DIY your color, to create a personalized space.


For the function of the light strip, each person’s requirements are different. If you only need the dimming function, then you can choose a led stirp dimmer. if the pursuit of smart, multi-functional users, you can consider the LED strip light controller, which collects many smart functions, for personalized users, as the best choice.

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