Revolutionize Home Lighting With The Magic Home LED WiFi Controller

The newly released Magic Home LED Controller aims to transform ordinary LED bulbs and strips into an integrated smart lighting system. This innovative device connects wirelessly to home lighting over WiFi with no need for a separate hub. The accompanying Magic Home app unlocks color and brightness control, automation, schedules, scenes and much more from iOS and Android devices.

magic home LED controller

Key Benefits Of The Magic Home LED Controller

At its core, the Magic Home Controller brings advanced features to standard LED lighting without complication. Once set up via the app, homeowners can customize colors, adjust brightness, set timers and schedules, sync lighting to music and video sources and even control lights while away from home. This eliminates the need for complex in-wall wiring or professional installation.

The controller works with common LED bulb types and strip lights controllable via infrared remote. Hundreds of color and whites shades are selectable to match mood or activity. Brightness smoothly dims anywhere from 1 to 100 percent. Groups of lights can be controlled together or independently.

Straightforward Setup For Instant Ambient Lighting

Getting started with the Magic Home Controller takes just minutes with no tools required. Simply screw in compatible LED bulbs, connect strip lights or install fixtures and plug the controller into any outlet. Download the free Magic Home app and create a user account if you don’t already have one. The app discovers the controller on the local WiFi network and connects it automatically.

Unlocking Whole-Home Control Through The Magic Home App

The Magic Home app for iOS and Android mobile devices provides a central dashboard for customizing your new smart lighting system. Intuitive controls allow changing colors, adjusting brightness by room, creating lighting groups and configuring automation settings. Customized lighting Scenes can be saved and activated anytime with a single tap.

Built-in automation features help maximize convenience and energy savings. Set schedules, timers, sunrise/sunset triggers and vacations modes. Integrate with smart home platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Assistant for voice control. Advanced integration with audio, video and motion sensors takes lighting immersion to the next level.

Maintaining Reliable Operation Over The Long Run

Like most electronics, maintaining the Magic Home LED Controller helps ensure smooth operation for years to come. Update the controller firmware and Magic Home app whenever new versions become available to access the latest fixes and features. Check periodically that controller connections are secure and free of damage. Contact Magic Home customer support for troubleshooting help if connectivity or control issues arise.

Key Specifications

Here are some key technical specifications to give a sense of what the Magic Home LED Controller can handle:

  • Controls up to 300 Watts of RGB, RGBW, RGBWW LED lights
  • Works with LED strips, bulbs, fixtures with infrared remote capability
  • Connects directly to WiFi without separate hub required
  • 4Ghz WiFi connectivity range of approximately 230 feet
  • App control from iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Infrared remote included for basic local control
  • Dimmable RGB Color selection
  • White color temperature tuning
  • Scheduling and automation integration
  • Music synchronization and rhythm control
  • 5 scene modes with customization


The Magic Home LED WiFi Controller makes shifting multi-color ambient lighting possibilities into your living space quick and convenient. Through intuitive app and voice controls, unlock dynamic lighting features to match mood, activity or entertainment.