How to fix Your RGB LED strip lights not working?

The RGB LED strip lights is used in different fields. You will find many places to install the RGB LED strip lights in our life around, which also reflects the RGB LED strip lights is widely used. Many customers are not very familiar with using the product, in the process of using some problems, such as the RGB LED strip lights does not light up, today we will talk about why the RGB LED strip lights will not light up?

The flexible LED strip lights that does not light up can generally be divided into two cases; one is the whole flexible LED strip lights does not light up,the second is part of the flexible LED strip lights does not light up.
RGB LED strip lights

The whole RGB LED strip lights is not light up

1. The whole flexible LED strip lights is not lit; for the high voltage LED strip lights, first check whether the plug off, if the plug off will cause a power failure.

For the 12v LED strip lights, please check whether the power supply is works properly and whether it is properly connected to the strip light.

2. Double check whether the LED strip controller is properly connected to the strip. If the LED strip controller is not connected correctly will also make the whole 12v LED strip lights not light up.

There are many kinds of problems caused by only one part of the Color changing LED strip lights is not lit.

1. The quality of the solder is not qualified

The amount of solder on the LED lighting strip is small; the solder joints are easy to fall off. Color changing LED strip lights in the bending process, the solder joints are easy to brittle crack, fall off phenomenon.

2. Transport damage

The packaging protection of the led strip is not enough; the impact in the transportation process may damage the lamp beads. The welding point of the strip lights has the phenomenon of false welding, the vibration during transportation caused by the solder joints off and lead to the Color changing LED strip lights does not light.

3. The installation damage

  • The installation of the LED strip bending angle is too large, resulting in led strip solder joints and copper foil separation and lead not bright.
  • Excessive squeezing of the product during installation, resulting in led strip chip damage or deformation of the solder joints off and not bright.
  • Poor contact with the installation of the line,resulting in a short circuit
  • Resistance burned, chip burned There may be a voltage that causes 12v LED strip lights burned, due to the current or voltage is too large to cause the resistance is broken, the resistance is severely damaged, so the 12v LED strip lights is not bright.In this case, there will generally be traces of burnout; you can carefully check it.

The place where the 12v LED strip lights is used is not enough heat dissipation, resulting in lamp beads burned out.

The internal connection of the LED lighting strip lead disconnected, resulting in LED no current through the dead light.
12v LED strip lights

How to fix Your RGB LED strip lights not working?

1. First of all, You can check whether the 5050 LED strip lights is not working properly due to the power supply. If so, you can check the power supply; the general power supply is working, flexible LED strip lights connected to the above indicator light will light.

2. In addition to excluding the power supply, if it is still not bright, it is also necessary to check the positive and negative pins of the 5050 LED strip lights. If the strip light causes incorrect operation does not light, then re-solder the LED strip.

3. Double check the mini LED controller connected to the Smart LED strip lights; if improperly connected, reconnect the WiFi LED controller as instructed.

4. Double-check the current at both ends of the LED strip, whether it exceeds the working current of the LED strip. This case is also easy to cause the LED strip not to light up; the solution is to choose the proper constant current power supply and don’t to buy those cheap power supplies.It will prevent the led strip light from breaking through due to excessive power supply current and cause the light bulb does not to light up.

5. The LED chip’s quality prevents lamp beads store in a humid environment for a long time.

LED strip market is uneven. The price difference between regular manufacturers’ products and cottage factory products is huge. If you identify the quality of the LED strip from professional technology, I’m afraid many customers do not have the ability. But we can carry out the initial identification from the simple appearance and determine the quality of good or bad.

1. View the solder joints. Conventional LED strip
manufacturers produce LED strip using SMT chip technology, using solder paste and reflow soldering production. Therefore, the LED strip on the solder joint is relatively smooth, the amount of solder is not too much. The solder joints extend in an arc from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes.

2. View the quality of the FPC, FPC copper and calendered copper two, copper foil is convex, a closer look can be seen from the connection between the pad and the FPC. The calendered copper is closely and FPC is integrated, can be bent at will without pad off phenomenon. Copper laying board if too much bending will appear pads off, the maintenance of the temperature is too high will also cause the pads off.

3. View the packaging. Conventional LED strip will be packaged as anti-static coil, usually 5 meters per roll or 10 meters per roll, and then sealed outside with anti-static moisture-proof bags. Counterfeit versions of LED strips will use recycled reels to save money, so there are no anti-static and moisture-proof bags. If you take a closer look at the reel, you will find traces and scratches left after removing the external label.

4. View the cleanliness of the surface of the LED strip.
If the SMT process is used to produce LED strips, the surface cleanliness is very good; There aren’t any impurities and stains.

5. View the label. Regular LED light strip bags and reels will come with printed labels.

6.View the accessories. Conventional LED strips will be
packaged in boxes with instructions for use and specifications, and will be equipped with LED strip connectors or cardholders.

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