Smart bulb vs Incandescent light bulb

Smart lighting systems have become one of the most important products in the field of smart homes. Whether in terms of functionality, decoration or energy efficiency, smart lighting is constantly developing and progressing to meet the various needs of people and bring greater convenience to our lives.

Through the overall layout and structural arrangement of the lighting system at home, achieving a certain level of intelligence is possible: Using a smart light bulb APP to control the smart bulb and smart LED strip light already associated with the home. As a part of smart lighting systems, the market for smart bulbs has also been seized by many businesses. In addition to traditional lighting manufacturers such as Philips, some technology companies have also launched their smart bulbs. Is the smart bulb necessary to buy?

smart led bulb

Advantages of Wireless LED lights

.Remote control

You can remote control through the smart light bulb APP, Whether you are on the way or in office.  It is probably the most practical and worthwhile reason to buy smart light bulbs.

wireless led bulb

For families with elderly or small children, the elderly is forgetful, sometimes may forget to turn off the WiFi smart LED bulb in some rooms, and then they do not need to make another trip, use the phone can be operated.

Some children need a little light to sleep at night, but after falling asleep for his better sleep and energy saving, to turn off the lights. A WiFi smart bulb can meet this little need, either parent to confirm that the child is asleep, remote lights off, or set a time or delay to turn off the lights automatically.

smart bulb

.New features

Most smart LED bulb have additional ancillary functions. Such as some smart LED bulb can be customized with tens of thousands of light colors; Some wireless LED lights also have the function of speakers; some smart WiFi bulbs are synchronized with cameras, can play the role of home lighting and video surveillance, etc.. These features are not possible with incandescent light bulb, and users can choose the features they need to buy.

.Energy-saving and environmental protection

A smart color light bulb is a LED light. The general advantage of LED lights is high energy saving, long lifespan. LED lights lighting effect than incandescent light bulb source energy saving in more than 80%. The lifespan can be up to 60,000-100,000 hours, more than 10 times longer than incandescent light bulb. LED lights in the light source spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared. Smart light bulb is no radiation, and no heat does, and no contain mercury. The smart light bulb recyclable after broken, no pollution is a green light source, and environmentally friendly.

.Easy to install and use

The shape of the smart light bulb is the same as an incandescent light bulb, but with an embedded smart module. The installation is the same as a regular light bulb.

Download the smart light bulb APP, connect it to your smartphone and use the various functions of the smart light bulb.

Disadvantages of smart bulb

.The price is little higher

The price of a smart LED bulb is higher than incandescent light bulb due to the additional features of the smart LED bulb, so that the product appreciation, it depends on the choice of individuals.

.The practicality of smart bulb

Smart LED bulbs come with more features than incandescent light bulb, such as smartphone control, voice control, DIY colors and so on.

Do these features bring convenience to our lives? It depends on each person’s requirements for smart LED bulbs. Some people like voice control, some people choose different colors to create a different atmosphere.

.The most practical features are not irreplaceable  

Smart LED bulbs are highlighted on the publicity of some additional features, and for the elderly at home, they may need only to be able to control on and off remotely. This function is the most practical for them. For this function, when a complete set of smart lighting system or switch smart layout is completed. it is not necessary to have a smart LED bulb to operate, a smart switch can also solve such problems. Other functions for the elderly may not be used. The most practical function but can be replaced by other products, so is it still worth buying?

Smart lights bulbs have certainly brought some more convenient solutions to the lighting system of smart homes. With the advent of 5G, and the constant upgrading of products, the demand for smart bulbs will grow.