The Best Smart Color Light Bulbs for Home 2021

Best smart color light bulbs

Light bulbs are an indispensable part of the family, and with the improvement of the quality of life nowadays, there are more and more choices of light bulbs, and smart color light bulbs are appearing in our lives.

Smart color light bulbs are relatively new light bulb products, compared to our traditional use of light bulbs, the addition of more smart technology, and more convenient, more functional. Smart color light bulbs to LED bulbs as the mainstream, in the design of the time to pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection theme echo. In addition to environmental protection and energy-saving, smart color light bulbs also focus on humane and aesthetic words of compatibility

Smart color light bulbs are not traditional lamps and lanterns, but smart devices, smart color light bulbs control devices with computing power and network connectivity. Through the smart light bulb APP, the function can be continuously expanded. The core functions of smart lights are control, lighting effects, creation, sharing, light and music interaction, and light to enhance health and happiness.

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What are the features of smart color light bulbs?

Energy-saving: Smart color changing light bulb are made of the led cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment. Compared with fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, smart color changing light bulb can reach more than ninety percent energy efficiency. Then at the same brightness, smart light bulbs and power consumption is only one-tenth of the ordinary incandescent bulbs, its energy-saving advantages are very obvious.

Smart light bulbs can significantly reduce the cost of use for families and businesses. It can be connected to a local area network and can communicate with smartphones or computers. If the 10-watt smart LED light bulb to replaces all 60-watt incandescent lamps in the United States, then the annual savings in electricity costs can be as high as $3.9 billion.

Smart light bulbs have a higher light energy conversion efficiency than traditional incandescent lamps. For most incandescent lamps, each watt of power can only emit 5-20 lumens of luminous flux, fluorescent tubes can emit 40-70 lumens per watt, compared to 20-100 lumens per watt smart bulbs can emit.

Linkage: The smart light bulb’s internal inlay Internet communication module can effectively line of sight Internet access. Relying on cloud services into the platform can be connected to the user’s smartphone, so that each user at any time can be informed of the smart LED light bulb work in the room. Including smart color light bulbs illumination, color, power consumption, and other comprehensive indicators will be very easy to use.

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Socialization: Smart LED light bulb also have social attributes, as its built-in IoT communication module, each user’s color preferences and electricity habits can be automatically synchronized to the cloud platform. Users will be informed of their own or other people’s choices and better use point strategies through their smartphones anytime, anywhere, to see the complete social activities better.

Smart: The smart color changing light bulb can use the button, touch panel, voice, App four ways to centralized control management of the whole family lights. Compared to traditional lights to go to each room to control one by one, smart color changing light bulb are much simpler and more convenient.

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When you want to watch a movie, just one click on the “movie” scene or directly say “I want to watch a movie,” smart light bulbs will automatically turn off part of the living room lights. Adjust the light to the most comfortable brightness, then automatically turn on the TV, turn on the speakers, close the curtains, you need to lie down on the sofa. Also, when I get ready for bed at night, you need to turn on sleep mode, and the lights in the whole house will automatically turn off, leaving only the less bright lights in the bedroom to help me sleep better.

Rich lighting effects: Compared to the previous traditional lights, only two or three levels of adjustment possible. The adjustment space of smart LED light bulb support 2700K ~ 6000K color temperature adjustment and 10000 levels of dimming. The adjustment process is very soft and natural, especially friendly to the eyes.

Wide range of the color temperature and brightness adjustment, smart light bulbs can be shaped into a rich lighting effect. Want warm and reassuring warm light, or refreshing and elegant cool light, can meet your needs. Just adjust the lighting effect; you can also enjoy a cafe or library atmosphere at home.

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Healthy and comfortable eye protection 

Smart color light bulb’s light effect than the traditional light comfortable, its output frequency up to 3480Hz, is higher than the national standard. The light is soft and comfortable, low blue light, almost no strobe.

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The principle of smart color light bulb

The working principle of the smart light system lies in the fact that through a good combination of timing control and light-sensing control, the required area lighting, flood lighting, etc. will be controlled to the appropriate illumination level through smart switching.

For example, when it is getting dark, the light sensor can automatically turn on the outdoor lighting and floodlighting. Late at night, the timer can automatically turn off some of these lights. When the sky is gradually bright to a certain illumination, light, light sensor automatically turns off the remaining part of the light; everything is done automatically, can effectively save energy and reduce operating costs.

All smart switches, sockets and curtains in the home can be easily managed by remote control to achieve wireless control and scene control. The scene arrangement is set arbitrarily according to the user’s preference without using other tools. It is convenient to arrange on the remote control panel, which can be adjusted anytime and anywhere as needed.

The smartphone can be a remote controller to control your smart color light bulb no matter where you are.

Through the smart light bulb app can realize the smart color light bulb timing control.

Smart color light bulb switch dimming and dimming after the state memory function both energy-saving and convenient scene settings.

Smart WiFi bulb embedded WIFI chip; it is easy to control all the Google smart light bulbs after connecting to the WIFI.

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Benefits of smart color light bulbs

Centralized control and multi-point operation function: terminals in any one place can control the lights in different places, or terminals in other places can control the same light. Use various ways to manage the lighting control system, touch panel, network, PDA, the smartphone allows users to use the easiest way to control their room in the WiFi LED bulb or Bluetooth LED bulb.

Soft start function: When you turn on the Smart WiFi bulb, the light gradually becomes brighter from the dark. When the light is turned off, the light gradually becomes darker from bright, avoiding sudden changes in brightness to simulate the human eye, giving the human eye a buffer to protect the eyes. And to prevent the sudden change of high current and high-temperature impact on the filament, to protect the bulb and extend the service life.

Smart WiFi LED bulb light and dark adjustment function: whether you are in a meeting, watching TV, listening to music, or with your family, or alone thinking, or even when tasting whiskey, adjust the brightness of different lights; more for you to create a comfortable, quiet, harmonious, warm atmosphere, a deeper appreciation of life, soft light can give you a good mood, less and dark light to help you think, more and brighter light to make the atmosphere more .

The soft light can give you a good mood, less dim light can help you think, more bright light can make the atmosphere more hot. All these functions can be used by LED lights APP, Alexa, Google Home to brighten and dim the lights.

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Full on/off and memory function: The smart WiFi LED bulb of the whole lighting system can be fully turned on and off with one button. When you go to sleep or before you leave home, you can press the all-off button, and all the lighting devices will be turned off.

Timing control function: Through the schedule management module, you can define the timing of lighting on and off. For example, at 7:00 every morning, the bedroom lights will be slowly turned on to a suitable brightness; in late night, all the lights will be automatically turned off.

Scene setting: You don’t need to turn on and off the smart WiFi LED bulb and to dim one by one for fixed mode scenes. Just program once; you can control a group of lights by pressing one key; this is the scene-setting function.

Local switch: you can directly control local lights according to your habits; according to your needs, the switch can be arbitrarily set to control the desired object. For example, the button in the foyer can be used to turn off all the lights; so that when you leave home, a single press can turn off all the lights, both energy-saving, safe and very convenient.

Smartphone remote control: through the smartphone, to achieve remote control of the lights or scenes. This function can be used to simulate the lighting condition of the owner at home before returning late to confuse possible burglars;

Lighting system also has a power outage self-locking function. When your home power outage, all the smart WiFi LED bulb will remain off after the call. Smart lighting system can also be linked to the security system; when an alarm occurs, the lights on the balcony of your home will keep flashing alarm.

Smart light bulbs to open your smart life.

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