The development of smart home with 5G technology

Smart home field, let a point of great concern is Huawei’s wisdom screen came out of nowhere, Huawei positioned it as the center of home entertainment, wisdom interaction center, cross-screen experience center, IoT control center, audio, and video entertainment center, become a new species of living room, subvert people’s perception of the traditional TV, but also attracted the attention of the industry.

In the past, the smart home center was represented by Alexa and Google Hom, all kinds of smart speakers, which only provide voice interaction. Coupled with the visual interaction of the screen, it will bring greater ease of use. And the emergence of the Huawei wisdom screen, the TV such as a living room already existing screen, and smart home interaction center for the combination.

AIoT: AI-enabled, comprehensive upgrade of the Internet of Things

IoT has become a buzzword in major exhibitions. The combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) has brought greater possibilities for the comprehensive development of smart home.

5G smart home

The comprehensive development of AIoT also brings a more convenient intelligent life for users, and the devices at home are no longer limited to some single intelligent products. Many devices are combined into a whole-house intelligence, and multiple devices are linked to bring a more convenient intelligent life. At dawn, automatically open curtains and boil water; at night, when you open the door, automatically turn on the lights, close the curtains and turn on the audio. This once existed in the scene’s imagination, now can be truly realized, and will also become more perfect.

5G: Can it bring comprehensive improvement of smart home?

The current smart home has a variety of problems. The device’s response is sometimes not fast enough; over-reliance on the cloud brings a series of security problems; relying on the centralized arrangement of the gateway, there is often a device dropped many affecting devices.

The development of smart home with 5G technology

With the official commercialization of 5G, people have been thinking more about it, and it is not enough if it is only to improve the speed of mobile networks. 5G’s high network speed and another feature, low latency, is the feature that people should value. With this feature, 5G can bring more possibilities for the smart home, such as being able to improve the efficiency of the linkage response between devices effectively; for example, with the further reduction of 5G costs, each device can connect directly to the cloud through 5G, further enhancing the fault tolerance rate of the whole house devices.

In addition, edge computing, which is born with 5G, is also being mentioned more and more. While cloud computing is important, the aggregation of all data to the cloud is also bound to affect the entire system’s efficiency. Combining cloud computing and edge computing can bring more efficient and reasonable applications such as device interconnection and scene control, thus bringing users a higher quality experience.

At present, both voice control, face recognition, and other technologies have been fully applied in smart home. With the further development and promotion of technologies such as 5G, edge computing, and WiFi 6, the current smart home system will also be more perfect. And other more advanced technologies, such as the application of VR/AR, more application scenarios that were once unimaginable to us, will also be realized. Only all of this requires the joint efforts of many manufacturers to put the theory into practice to bring convenience to the public truly.

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