The Guide of Smart LED bulb 2021

Smart LED bulb are not only for lighting, but they are also perfect for creating a personalized home atmosphere. A small smart LED bulb to start your smart home step.

What is a Smart LED bulb?

First, smart LED bulb should meet lighting and energy-saving requirements while having different lighting effects.

Second, As a smart LED bulb, the main performance of the smart part is to support networking functions, support remote control, linkage with other smart devices, and music playback and alarm clock reminders, with self-learning capabilities and human interaction (voice recognition) of intelligent lighting devices. It is an essential part of the smart home.

Third, conventional smart LED bulb, the working principle is the use of wireless technology to smart LED bulb and smartphone smart light bulb APP connection binding, through smart light bulb APP or physical button operation will be the command to the control chip, and then by the control chip according to the corresponding instructions to operate.

Smart LED bulb

Why choose a smart LED bulb?

As long as it is on, ordinary lighting has been maintained unchanged lumens illumination and color temperature, completely ignoring the surrounding lighting conditions and other environmental factors change, which will cause great damage to visual health. In contrast, smart LED bulb will be more customer settings and changes in the surrounding environment automatically adjust to solve them according to their comfort.

If the brightness of the living room lights does not affect much. For small children, especially those who need to read for a long time can cause trouble.

The light brightness needed for reading is 300 to 500 lumens (lx). But it does not mean that the table lamp as long as fixed at 300 or 500lx, which can also easily cause fatigue in small children. If it is a smart desk lamp, it will constantly adjust the light brightness and color temperature according to children’s learning.

In different life scenarios, we have different lighting needs. For example, the right light at mealtime makes the meal look appetizing; low bright warm light can feel asleep faster before bedtime. The reason why color temperature and brightness will have such an effect.  The light affects the hormone levels in the human body; the secretion is active when the light is weak, people will feel relaxed, the secretion of strong light is suppressed, people will be mentally hyperactive.

In addition, it is appropriate to use cool white light source lighting to feel more relaxed in the summer. In the winter, with warm white light source more warm feeling. Smart lighting system can switch between different scene modes to subtly change the face of your space for a new outfit. Instantly full of mood, full of surprises and novelty every day, so you are more enthusiastic about putting into life!

How to connect smart LED bulb to smartphones?

Smart bulbs are becoming more and more popular in the market, they can not only be controlled by smartphones to switch, but also adjust the brightness and color, and even synchronize with many smart appliances, perfect.

Smart bulb shape and ordinary light bulbs are no different. There are points E26/E27 and B22 lights. The smart bulb built-in WIFI or Bluetooth chip. This chip is the core of the WiFi smart bulb so that ordinary light bulbs become intelligent. The installation method is also very simple.

  • Directly install the WiFi smart bulb in the lamp holder
  • Scran the QR Code, and download the Magic Home Pro App
  • According to the instruction to connect the smartphone 

Can the WiFi smart bulb work without WiFi?

Yes, when there is no WIFI, The WiFi smart bulb is like a standard light bulb. It can still work usually. But then you can’t use the controller through the phone.

Smart bulbs are divided into WIFI smart bulbs and Bluetooth smart bulbs. If you are using Bluetooth smart bulbs, you can still control your bulb through a Bluetooth signal even without WIFI.

Bluetooth smart bulbs allows you to control the bulb without WiFi

To control your Bluetooth smart bulbs without WiFi, turn on the light switch, open the Bluetooth smart bulbs App, and the bulb will automatically “find” it. Then press “Add Device”, “Connect,” or “Pair” on the App.

You can control the essential functions of the Bluetooth smart bulbs through the app as usual. The distance between the phone and the Bluetooth smart bulbs needs to be within 50 feet for the Bluetooth signal to transmit. Usually, if you are in the same room as the Bluetooth smart bulbs, you can control them easily.

Bluetooth smart bulb

Do you need t bridge for smart LED bulbs?

Some manufacturers’ smart light bulbs can’t be used directly when you buy them. You need a smart bridge to connect them to your home network and then operate them from your phone.

For WiFi smart bulbs, there is no need for a smart bridge. WiFi smart bulbs use the WI-FI transmission protocol, and these types of bulbs do not require a smart bridge. Once installed, smart bulbs can be set up directly on your phone to connect to your home network. WiFi smart bulbs can be remotely controlled, i.e., you can control the bulbs in your home from your phone even when you are in the office.

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