2021 Valentine’s Day, At-Home Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming,How do you plan to spend this romantic holiday with your loved one? Stay safe at home and have a cozy night with these date night must-haves!

“Alexa, turn on the lights”

“Alexa, set the lights to pink”

Your lover will throw a surprising look at you.

“So you can do magic? “


It such a plot to kick off a whole night of romance…
smart WiFi Strip Lights

This is where the smart Wi-Fi Strip Lights come into play.

How exactly can the light with voice control? The answer is: LED light controller

This LED light controller is like the CPU of a computer, all intelligent operations are processed through this LED light controller. This RGB controller is equipped with an integrated intelligent template. If the installation is a Wi-Fi module, it is a LED strip Wi-Fi controller; if the installation is a Bluetooth module, it is a Bluetooth controller.

LED light controllers are a key part of a dynamic lighting control system. LED controllers to allow you to achieve the exact brightness, change and select color temperatures, Voice Control, lighting effects, and color levels desired from LED lighting. Change the strip lights color, color mode, or brightness of RGBW LED strip lights with RGBW LED controllers. 

The magic of LED strip controller

What will be the “magic” of the LED strip controller connected to the LED strip lights, so that everyone screams it

  1. LED strip Wi-Fi controller Supports both Wi-Fi control of iOS products (such as for iPad, for iPhone, for iMac) and for Android mobile devices such as for Samsung, for HTC, for Nokia, etc.
  2. 16 million colors for the option of LED Controller.Group Management: You can add multiple smartphone LED controllers
    in your house, control each strip light controller individually or multiple simultaneously as a group by assigning to groups according to your needs. For Bluetooth LED Controller, You can control 64 devices at least.
  3. Enjoy Smart Life: Connecting your LED tape lights to the Wi-Fi network, with the Magic Home Pro app, control your RGB tape lights freely, schedule it to turn on/off at a preset time.
  4. RGB strip Wi-Fi controller compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant & IFTTT: Voice Control your LED strip lights with your Alexa and Google Assistant, turn your LED strip light on/off, change brightness and colors simply by voice command. 
  1. RGB LED controller widely used all kinds of RGB LED lamps, such as RGB LED strip lights, RGB panel lights, or other RGB LED lamps.

Use Smart LED Strip lights to set the romantic mood, tie it together with flowers for a romantic atmosphere without leaving your home!