What are the contextual models of the smart home?

With the popularity of smart home, there are already very many smart products in smart home living. They are both parts of people’s smart life composition and part of a complete smart home system. Various functions can be linked in a whole smart home system, and various smart life scenarios can be realized.

Wake up mode

When you open your eyes in the morning, the smart LED bulb turns on, the music sounds slow. Accompanied by the beautiful and cheerful music melody, gradually waking up the sleeping cells, the curtain of the window sill is automatically drawn, a ray of warm sunshine sprinkled to your body, a beautiful day is opened.

wake up mode

The LED lights in the bathroom have been adjusted to the most suitable brightness. The humidifier has been turned on, the hot water in the bathtub is ready, take a comfortable bath, stand in front of the mirror to reveal a charming smile, the mirror will take a picture of the smiling face and send it to the user’s smartphone. When you leave, you can turn off all the bathroom equipment with just one click.

When you walk into the bedroom, the bed is automatically made up, and you come to the dressing mirror and enter the “try on” mode. Standing in front of the screen, you can find various clothing through the system. If you are not satisfied with the current set of clothing, just a wave of the hand, you can change to the next set.

After dressing up, walk into the kitchen, and a delicious breakfast is ready: a cup of warm milk, delightful bread, a washed fruit, and a peeled egg; users can enjoy this excellent breakfast immediately.

Away from home mode

After breakfast, select “Away from Home” mode with one click through the tablet, the background music is turned off, the lights are off, the curtains are closed, and the security mode starts.

When you are taking a lunch break in the office and suddenly miss your baby or pet at home, you can control your home camera remotely by turning on your cell phone, and you can see the scene at home through your smartphone.

monitor mode

On the way to work, you can turn on the air conditioner, temperature and humidity sensor in advance through the phone to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity to create a comfortable home environment.

If you want to take a comfortable hot bath at home, you can set the water heater in advance, and when you arrive home, you can have hot water for bathing.

Home Mode

When you get home, the security system is automatically turned off. The curtains are opened, the background music is played again, the smart light bulb in the living room are adjusted to the correct brightness, the TV is turned on, the user’s favorite channel is played, and the air is lightly scented.

Dinner Mode

After a long day, when it’s time for dinner, users turn on the “cooking” mode with one click, and the hood and exhaust fan of the intelligent kitchen is turned on, and the microwave oven and kettle are powered on. The user prepares the cooking ingredients and seasonings, sets the cooking method, and sits in the living room waiting for dinner to arrive.

Dinner Mode

After dinner is ready, select “Dinner” context mode, the table lights will be adjusted to the correct brightness, music will play in the background, and the family can sit around the dinner table and enjoy the delicious food.

Home theater mode

After dinner, when you want to watch a movie, turn on “Home Cinema” mode with one click, the lights will be dimmed, the sound will be turned on, and a good movie time will start.

home theater mode

Good night mode

Adjust the indoor context mode to “Good Night” mode. The system will enter sleep mode, the curtains will close, the body sensor light will enter operation, and the surveillance alarm system will enter “Night Surveillance” mode.

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