What does a smart light bulb do

Smart light bulbs are designed to give off a light pattern depending on the mood, time of day and season. A number of smart LED lighting solutions are now available including ceiling fans, lighting systems, and motion-activated lighting. There are even some solutions for bathroom lighting.

Smart lighting is the new technology. Smart LED lights can be used for many different purposes like illumination, decoration and even for home security purposes. We have post some articles that gives information about smart LED lighting.

LED lights are among the most popular energy-saving lighting options available today. They provide an attractive look with bright, clean light, but they can also add a stylish touch to any room.

best smart bulb

Work with Alexa and Google Home

This smart light bulb work with Alexa and Google home, no hub required. Turning on/off the lights using Alexa and google home, you can control your lights from our app through your phone, adjust the brightness and turn them on when you feel you are not at home.

smart light bulb works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With a smart speaker system, you can use voice commands to control your lights through the APP. With simple voice commands turn lights on/off, dim/brighten or even switch your lights to specific colors that matches your mood or have a bright wake-up in the morning.

Easy to set up and use

Download APP, scan the QR code on the package to download the correct user’s manual to set up. Works with Alexa, google home. No hub required, smartphone can control it directly. Use your smartphone to set schedules and timers for your light bulb.

It’s the most intelligent home appliance in the world. That’s because it learns from your behavior. It knows if you’re on your way home and it automatically turns itself on. It knows if you’ve been away for days and it turns itself off. It knows if you’re going to sleep and it turns itself off. And best of all, it learns who you are and what you like and it adapts its behavior to make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Smart Light bulb control by WiFi or Bluetooth

smart light bulb control by Wifi or Bluetooth, just download the app and connect the bulb,then you can use our product to do anything you want,change color,timer on/off,make different colors and lighting scene.

Connect wirelessly to smart phone or tablet with free app to personalize lighting.Control from anywhere, turn on/off light from anywhere at any time with your smartphone or tablet.Use your smart phone or tablet to light the bulb according to your mood, with full color palette (16 million colors).

Each Wi-Fi light bulb has a LED light for 50,000 hours, which equivalent to about a 20 years life span (3 hours per day). It is a smart light bulb support timer setting, group control and also you can share it with your family. You are able to control the lights in home or remotely as long as there’s WiFi network.

This smart light bulb enables remote control from anywhere at any time. You can use your smartphone or tablet to remotely turn lights on or off, dim or brighten, set lighting schedules and much more. It uses Wi-Fi network, no hub is required. The LED bulbs supports both iOS and Android operating systems, It is a great choice for controlling home lighting system.

Achieve a cozy ambience instantly with this smart LED light bulb. This smart LED light bulb is WiFi-enabled and offers 16 million colors to choose from to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion—featuring a warm white color setting for the ultimate in relaxation, a reading mode for books, and a night light mode for optimal convenience. High quality, energy-efficient illumination and available in E26 base size.

Smart light bulb, Smart Life!

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