What is a WiFi Module?

With the increasing development of wireless communication technology of IoT, WiFi has a large network coverage, easy to move. Fast transmission speed, easy installation. Health and safety and other advantages. The WiFi module is a WiFi wireless network protocol IEEE802.11.b.g.n protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack function integrated in the module and will be various interfaces lead out. Traditional hardware devices embedded in WiFi modules can directly use WiFi to connect to the Internet to achieve wireless smart home, WiFi remote control, and other important components.

wifi module

The role of the WiFi module in the smart home

With the transformation of traditional home appliance manufacturers cross-border IoT smart home industry, to achieve home appliances networking, remote control, and other intelligence, WiFi modules are valued and used in large quantities in many smart hardware. We are not unfamiliar with WiFi. As long as we surf the Internet, we basically can not leave WiFi. That WiFi has taken over the whole world is no exaggeration. So, will the WiFi module work in the smart home industry? What kind of impact will it have on the smart home industry?

What is the WiFi module used in the smart home industry?

WiFi modules can be divided into general WiFi modules, router solution WiFi modules and embedded modules. Many traditional devices that can be networked are embedded modules with intelligent genes.

The WiFi control module is the electrical equipment embedded WiFi module to achieve data exchange. In short, as long as the WiFi, protocol intelligent devices, can be easily controlled and even completely free of pre-wiring. WiFi control modules are generally based on wireless routers.

Traditional home appliance manufacturers to open the road to intelligence, why prefer WiFi modules

WiFi has a large inventory and high popularity. In life, WiFi is like an invisible net that fills our living space. As long as the use of intelligent terminal devices, I believe that no one does not know WiFi it. It can be seen that this is the existing stock and popularity of WiFi. With other wireless technology protocols can not be compared to the advantages of WiFi modules used in smart home, relatively easy to promote, consumers are also easy to accept. Objectively, WiFi modules benefit smart devices, and it’s easier to get on the fast train.

WiFi modules are cheap. WiFi modules are electronic components, but they are very cheap, and they can be embedded in traditional devices to transform them into smart homes in a second, enabling networking and remote control of devices. The road to intelligence is so simple.

WiFi module development threshold is low. Unlike ZigBee modules, WiFi modules have a very low R&D threshold. So from the manufacturer’s R & D point of view, embedded WiFi module smart devices can be a short time to complete the R & D design work and put into the market, with fast results.

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