What is smart home?

In recent years, smart home, smart communities and smart life have become hot topics in people’s mouths. They are the focus of media attention and the areas into which the traditional home industry, home appliance industry, real estate developers, and Internet companies are entering. At present, with more and more manufacturers involved, the products and technologies of smart home collar single have been more and more mature development, and the intelligent family life has become the new goal pursued by modern families

What is smart home?

The smart home is to take the family home as a platform. Using integrated wiring technology, security technology, network communication technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life. To build efficient and intelligent residential facilities and a family daily affairs management system, based on achieving environmental protection and energy-saving, enhance the safety, convenience, comfort and efficiency of home life, etc.

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The smart home is not a simple group of a single smart device but an integrated system that connects all the light, sound and electric devices. Such as smart lighting, audio, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, electric fan, electric doors and windows, etc., through IoT technology, providing various functions and means such as video monitoring, intelligent burglar alarm, intelligent lighting, intelligent appliance control, intelligent door and window control, intelligent audio and video control, etc. Users can remotely watch the monitoring screen at home and control the orange light, curtains and appliances at home in real-time.

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Smart home appliances are a new type of home appliance. It is a microprocessor, sensor technology, network communication technology into the home appliances after the formation of home appliances. With automatic sensing function, can sense the state of the residential space and the state of the appliance itself and the state of the appliance service, but also has automatic control, automatic adjustment and receive remote control information function.

As a smart home component, smart home appliances are not single. Smart products can also be interconnected with other household soft shells and home facilities in the house to form a complete smart home system so that people can realize intelligent life.

The characteristics of smart home appliances

Networked: Smart home appliances can be connected through the home local area network and can also be connected to the manufacturer’s service station through the home interface and eventually to the Internet to achieve the transmission and sharing of information.

Intelligent: Smart home appliances can be automatically set up and controlled according to the residential space environment and user needs. For example, intelligent air conditioners can adjust their working status according to different seasons, different climates and the user’s location to achieve the best results.

Openness: As smart home appliances may come from different manufacturers, the smart home appliance platform must be developed and compatible with information sharing and interconnection.

Energy-saving: Smart home appliances can automatically adjust their working time and working status according to the surrounding environment, thus achieving energy saving.