The Complete Guide to the Magic Home App: Controls, Setup, Voice Assistance for Smart LED Lights

Controlling the lighting in your home just got easier with the Magic Home app. This innovative smart home controller puts wireless light management at your fingertips, allowing extensive customization for dynamic effects across over 16 million colors. Compatible with popular affordable Wi-Fi-enabled light bulbs and strips, Magic Home centralizes lighting control and programming into one intuitive application. From smart phone, create customized timers, automation triggers, ambient lighting scenes and more to elevate your environments.

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What is the magic home app?

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The Magic Home Pro app lets you control the lighting in your home from your phone or tablet. It is an app that works with smart magic home light bulbs and strips. These smart magic home lights connect to your home WiFi network. The Magic Home Pro app lets you turn the magic home lights on or off, change their color, and do other things.

You can use the Magic Home Pro app on both Android phones and iPhones. It lets you control all the smart magic home lights in your home from one app. For example, you could have smart magic home light bulbs in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. The Magic Home Pro app lets you control all of them without needing separate apps.

With the Magic Home app, you can choose colors from over 16 million color options. You can make lights any color you want. For example, you can make your living room lights a relaxing blue. Or you can make your kitchen lights bright yellow. The app lets you pick custom colors for every room.

Another thing the Magic Home app lets you do is set timers or schedules. This way, you can make the magic home lights come on or turn off at certain times even when you are not home. For example, you can set the outside lights to turn on automatically at night and off in the morning.

The app also has fun lighting modes like syncing the lights to music. When you play music, the color of the lights will change and blink with the beat of the song. It also has color-changing modes to make your lights flash different colors. This is good for parties.

The Magic Home app works in two ways. First, it can control lights using your home WiFi network. This lets you control lights remotely like when you are at work. But it can also control lights directly using Bluetooth if you are at home. Bluetooth only works when you are close to the lights.

In summary, the Magic Home app gives you wireless control over smart lighting in your home. You can turn magic home lights on/off, change color, set timers and schedules, sync to music, and create fun lighting modes. It works with most smart lights and is available for both iPhones and Android phones.

How do I connect my LED lights to my magic home app?

Connecting LED lights to the Magic Home app is an easy process. The first step is to get smart magic home LED lights or strips that work with the Magic Home app. There are many affordable smart LED light options that are compatible. You also need to have the free Magic Home app installed on your phone or tablet.

Once you have smart LED lights and the Magic Home app, the next step is to connect the lights to your WiFi network. Every type of smart LED light has a slightly different setup process. But in general you will need to open the Magic Home app and find the option to add or register a new device. The app will ask you to choose the type of device and then give step-by-step pairing instructions.

For example, if you are setting up a smart LED light bulb, you usually need to turn the bulb on and off a few times to put it in pairing mode. If you are setting up an LED strip, there may be a button on the control box to press. Simply follow the instructions in the Magic Home app to successfully pair each smart LED light.

Once the LED lights are paired to the WiFi, they will show up as a device in the Magic Home app. In the app, you can name the device, assign it to a room, change the light color, and do other controls. Now whenever you open the Magic Home app, you will see all the connected LED smart magic home lights and can turn them on/off or adjust settings from your phone.

The Magic Home app lets you organize the lights by room. So you would have all the kitchen lights together, all the living room lights together, etc. This makes it easy to control a certain room’s mood lighting all at once. You can also create groups if you wanted to link certain lights together for control.

And remember, the Magic Home app works remotely over your home WiFi network. So once everything is linked up, you can turn lights on/off or change the ambiance from anywhere – not just when standing right next to the lights. The Magic Home app also lets multiple users access the controls. So your whole family can enjoy easy smart lighting!

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Does Magic Home Pro work with Google home?

The Magic Home app does work very well with Google Home smart speakers and displays. You can easily connect your Magic Home account with Google Home. This allows you to control your

s using voice commands. It is a helpful feature that makes controlling your smart magic home lights really simple.

First, you need to make sure both Magic Home and Google Home are fully set up for your home. Have the Magic Home app connected to all your WiFi-enabled LED lights, strips, bulbs, etc. Also set up your Google Nest smart devices on the same WiFi network. Use the Google Home app to connect to these.

Once both Magic Home and Google Home are set up properly, open the Magic Home app menu to the “Smart Home” area. Here you will an option to link your Magic Home account with other smart home platforms like Google Assistant. Tap on Google Assistant and follow the instructions to sign in with your Google account.

After signing in with your Google account, Magic Home will automatically detect any Google Home or Nest devices on your network. Check the device list and make sure you see all your Google speakers and displays detected. Then hit “Authorize Devices” and Magic Home will pair with Google Home.

Now you can start controlling your smart magic home LED lights with Google Assistant voice commands using your Google devices. For example, try saying “Hey Google, turn on the living room lights”. Or “Hey Google, change the kitchen lights to blue”. Give a voice command to turn lights on/off, set colors, adjust brightness – anything you can normally do in the Magic Home app.

One benefit of connecting Magic Home Pro with Google Home is that you can control lights from anywhere – even outside the home. As long as you have internet access, you can open the Google Home app and voice control your lights remotely. You can also set schedules, routines and smart home automations using Google Assistant.

Can Magic Home app connect to Alexa?

The great news is – yes, the Magic Home pro app fully integrates with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices. By linking your Magic Home account with Alexa, you can use voice commands to control your smart magic home LED lights and accessories. It makes light control super quick and hands-free with Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Connecting Magic Home with Alexa only takes a few minutes. First make sure you have the Magic Home app set up and connected to all your WiFi-capable LED bulbs, strips, switches or outlets in your home. Also have Alexa/Echo devices ready on the same WiFi network. These allow voice control using Alexa assistant.

In the Magic Home mobile app, open the side “Profile” menu and choose the “Smart Home” option at the bottom. On this page, find and select the Amazon Alexa icon to link accounts. Sign in using your Amazon login so Magic Home can access your Echo devices.

Once signed-in, it will detect all available Alexa/Echo products linked to your Amazon account. You’ll see a list of smart speakers and displays that you can use to voice control Magic Home accessories. Select all the Alexa devices you want to authorize access.

And that’s it! Now Magic Home is connected to Alexa. Try some voice commands with your Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other Alexa speaker near your smart lights:

“Alexa, make the living room lights pink”

“Alexa, brighten the kitchen lights”

“Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights”

As you can see, linking Magic Home Pro to Alexa allows hands-free light control using your voice. It’s super convenient to manage color changes, brightness, power status and more this way. You can access lighting scenes and automation routines without picking up your phone.

One great benefit is that Alexa integration enables lighting control when away from home too. As long as you have internet access, you can open the Alexa app and command your Magic Home lights remotely. Or speak to any Alexa device logged into your account for easy voice access on the go.


As you can see, the Magic Home Pro app delivers extensive wireless control over smart lighting for both Android and iOS users. Seamlessly connect LED-based bulbs and strips then harness customized programming capacity from anywhere connectivity exists – whether you’re home on the couch or away on vacation. Integrations with leading voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home then remove the need to even pick up your phone, enabling convenient voice commands for stunning hands-free control. Affordable, versatile and user-friendly, the Magic Home app brings a touch of sophistication to any smart home ecosystem. Let it work its magic elevating your spaces today!

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