Better Life at Home with Smart LED Bulb

Smart home technology allows you to control and monitor almost every aspect of your home from wherever you are with the push of a button. Whether you want to check the temperature in another part of the country or turn off the smart LED bulb, you can control it by smartphone if you are away for the weekend.

Smart home products have gradually entered the home, of which the smart LED bulb is the highest use of an intelligent product. Turn off the lights bulb when you leave home! Better living through lighting – that’s the idea behind “Smart LED Bulbs”.

Now it’s so easy to use a WiFi light bulb. With the smartphone or the voice, you can control your light sources. For the smart LED lamp or LED dimmer Controller, using a smartphone, you can control lighting wirelessly and easily adapt the lighting based on activity to your needs.

Easy use smartphone has become the most powerful personal computer people have ever owned. This is why it is also the best tool for smart lights control. With a simple smart bulb App, you can use your smartphone as a remote control to adjust your WiFi LED bulb and appliances whenever and wherever you are. The advantages are as follows:

Timer function

Through a smartphone, you can have your smart led lamp automatically turn on or off at a specific time by setting up the timer, set time to wake up with your favorite color.

timer wifi bulb

16 million colors for option

Support 16 million kinds of color adjustment; DIY can set the color, also can adjust the lightness and darkness of the smart LED light bulbs by smartphone.

color change smart light bulb


Users want to add smart LED bulbs in new rooms, such as study, children’s room, all the lights in your home can form a group, you can set the group in the smart bulb APP. you can independently control or group control the lights devices base on your activities and needs.

In addition to controlling the smart WiFi bulbs, the same APP can also control the smart light strip. When your light strip is connected to the smart LED controller, use the same APP to control the WiFi light strip installed on the ceiling or bookshelf. With one click, one APP can control the smart products in your home.

Diversified operation methods

The smart home can be operated by a smart touch screen, remote control, smartphone or tablet computer, and of course, by voice. There is no restriction of time and space, and you can achieve intelligent control of any device at any time and place. The lighting of all rooms can be adjusted with just a few presses of a button, and the scenario function can realize various scenario modes, the all-on, all-off function can realize the one-touch all-on and one-touch all-off function of all lamps and lanterns, etc.

smart light bulb alexa

System stability and reliability

For intelligent products, in addition to functionality and convenience, another factor is security, stability and reliability. To ensure that in the case of low or unstable Internet speed, it still does not affect the use of intelligent products. Such as our smart products, the use of high-quality dual chips, whether WIFI or Bluetooth, to achieve fast connection. With different control methods to facilitate the different needs of users, to ensure the normal and safe use of each smart device.

group control wifi light bulb

A smart home makes everyday life easier. Bring your family members and enjoy a smart life. 

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