What is a smart LED controller?

LED strip as a new type of lighting tool has been used by more and more people in recent years. It can be widely used in home decoration, KTV bar, stage lighting effect, park outdoor lighting effect pattern, etc.. With the development of technology, Intelligent also joined the decorative lighting industry and has a huge market space.

Just add a small LED controller can turn the traditional light strip into a smart light strip, without any changes to the light strip, this simple, convenient method to accelerate the development of smart industry speed. Of course, the LED controller application of different technical solutions, the use of the effect varies widely.

LED controller is a small device that intelligently controls some kind of electronic machinery and equipment. LED controller is generally a microcontroller (MCU) chip or digital signal processor (DSP) chip as the core, supplemented by peripheral analog and digital electronic circuits, and write the appropriate computer software programs to achieve specific needs and functions of electronic components.

The LED controllers currently on the market can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Wifi LED Controller

LED controller connected to the strip lights, the main functions are as follows:

  • Support Apple, Android smart mobile settings WiFi, or Bluetooth control.
  • Support 16 million color control, brightness, and color temperature adjustment.
  • DIY dynamic mode: users can choose their favorite color, color sequence, speed, and fade/cross fade/skipping/strobe according to different scenes.
  • Group function: by creating a group, add your strip to the group, control all the strips at the same time, each group can add up to 64 strips.
  • Light timer function: By setting the timer, you can automatically turn on/off the light or color/function/ CCT / cold white light and warm white light within the specified time.
  • Music Function: select your music song to play on your smartphone, the lights will dance according to the rhythm.
  • Camera function: Take the background function through the phone camera.

The smart light strip is through the connection of the LED controller, the traditional light strip into the smart, LED controller with computing power and network connectivity, through the phone’s special APP, the function can be continuously expanded. The core functions of the LED controller are control, lighting effect, creation, sharing, light and music interaction, light to enhance health and happiness.

No matter where you are in the world, as long as there is a network, you can control your lights, change the color, through the cell phone switch, timing switch, brightness adjustment, etc., make your life smart.

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