What is the best WiFi LED controller?

LED Controller is a small accessory connected to the LED strip, The old LED controller is a single function that controls the LED strip by IR or RF control panel, and did not bring surprise for consumers. Now the new design LED controller has quietly up the “revolution”. The emergence of smart LED controllers for the use of light strips brings subversive changes so that consumers have a very good sense of user experience. Smart LED controller is mainly divided into WiFi LED controller, Bluetooth LED controller, and Zigbee controller. Today’s main details of the WiFi LED controller.

What is a WiFi LED Controller?

There are some WiFi LED controllers on the market that must be programmed in advance through the phone to the controller that can be used, which is too difficult for the consumer, and the user experience is very bad. The WiFi LED controller we introduce today is easy to use, convenient, and does not require programming.

This powerful Wi-Fi LED Controller for LED Strip lights works on both 12 and 24V DC circuits. LED strip WiFi controller is as convenient as our usual use of smartphones, just need to connect with smartphones or tablets through the WIFI network. In addition to connecting your smartphone, The Mini WiFi Controller is compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant & IFTTT: Voice Control your led light strip with your Alexa and Google Assistant

This LED light strip controller is no doubt one of the most complete best WiFi LED controllers on the market! Plugged directly into your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, without the need for additional control modules, it can control any of the following types of LED strips. Single-color, Variable White, RGB, RGB + W, RGB + Variable white.

best led strip lights controller

How do WiFi LED controllers work?

The WiFi RGB LED controller has a built-in WiFi module and uses Wi-Fi as its communication method, based on HTTP control protocol. Use the APP in smartphones to connect to the RGB strip controller through the router so that they can intelligently control the light strip. When outdoors, you can control the lights at home through the cloud.

 Download the APP to a smartphone or tablet, and send the command of a turn on/off, color, timing, and brightness to the server, then transmit to the WiFi module already embedded in the controller to control the lights.

How do led controller work

How do you connect LED strips to WiFi through an LED strip light controller?

You can use your smartphone(IOS or Android system) to control the strip lights after easy installation and setting. How do you connect the LED strip to WiFi? Please refer to this article How to connect LED strip lights to LED Controller?

What WiFi LED Controller app do you get for LED strip lights?

Magic Home Pro APP is the best APP for smart home products, such as LED controllers, WiFi LED Bulb, and WiFi Plug. The function is as follows:

  • You can control your lights with APP, No matter where you are when it is
  •  With the Magic Home Pro App, 16 million kinds of color adjustment, DIY color selection 
  • You can change the led stirp’s brightness 
  • Use 1 Magic Home Pro App to control WiFi LED Controllers at the same time.
  • The APP Built-in 20 kinds of dynamic modes, can be a DIY dynamic mode 
  • Timer mode
  • Use 1 App to control many wifi controllers at the same time
  •  The strip lights can be Change color with music synchronously by led music controller

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