COVID-19 pandemic impact pushing the smart home market

The COVID-19 continues to worsen around the world, it is changing our daily lives, including habits, business activities. More and more people have to work at home; Closing schools, the kids have to stay home and switching to online classes. In such a situation, what kind of changes do smart home bring to our lives and make our homes more convenient.

Impact of the COVID-19, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home instead of at the office. For many people, they’ve never had this kind of experience before. If you’ve never worked from home before, you need to prepare for something to boot you productively. The Smart Home office scene is a good choice. 

Smart light bulbsSmart plug, 4-in-1 Invisible Sit-Stand Laptop Desk, etc are popular for home office. Understand the needs of users, from the user’s work, life habits, design, and create a suitable smart home.
Smart light bulb

How can smart home products improve our quality of life? 

  1. The COVID-19 lives on surfaces, Frequent hand washing throughout the day is the best way to protect yourself. The first place we touch in the home is lights switches, by using Smart light bulbs, you just speak to Alexa and Google Home when back to home “Alexa, Turn on the lights”. You no need to worry about touching light switches and possibly spreading the disease.
  1. Smart light bulbs work with Wi-Fi Network or Bluetooth, if you forget to turn off the light when you go out, you can turn off the smart lights at home remotely by using the APP of your smartphone.
  2. you can turn off the smart lighting without getting up by smartphone or Voice control.
  3. You can set all LED smart lights were turn off at 9 am.
  4. You can also use smart plugs to manage your pool or water feature. Simply connect to a smart light bulb and control it with your voice or App.

Bluetooth smart bulbs that don’t require Wi-Fi

For work from home, a common complaint is that WiFi is not good enough, then you can use Bluetooth-based smart products, such as Bluetooth smart bulbs, which are controlled by Bluetooth technology and do not depend on WiFi, with its powerful networking function, and control all the Bluetooth smart bulbs in your home with one click. Completely solve the user’s pain point.

Smart home play an energy-saving role

Through the smart home, it can significantly reduce energy consumption, save resources and achieve a healthy, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and energy-saving smart life.

For example, with a smart WiFi plug, people can have a clear picture of electricity consumption at home, improve awareness of power-saving and save more energy. An office fluorescent lighting all replaced with led can save electricity forty to fifty percent. If replace with advanced Smart light bulbs, the lighting of daylight-rich windows, aisles, and spaces not often occupied by optimal dimming, it can save energy by more than 70%.

According to statistics, about 40% of global energy consumption is used in buildings and other places where people live and work, and intelligent building systems equipped with smart homes can save 30% of energy consumption in buildings. Therefore, a Smart home not only brings convenience to life, but also meets the needs of environmental protection, reduces energy waste, and corresponds to the new concept of low-carbon life.

With the rapid development of technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, there are nearly 250 million households that have one smart home device. A smart home has attracted more and more attention. Once COVID-19 is over, smart home devices will increasingly benefit the marketplace and pave the way for a great demand.


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